Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook

Not again, but it did.

Another mass killing happened in the States. Sandy Hook Elementary School, a place which was unknown to most of the country, let alone the world before Dec 14, became other bloody chapter of American history. A lunatic fired more than 100 rounds of ammunition to innocent adults and children that end with 26 death, excluding the gunman's mom and himself who killed himself.

Ten of thousands of questions why this happened. Theories flied around, those so-called experts of all sorts opened the big hole on their faces to make noise, but nothing concrete have resulted and will happen.

Nice things can be said and repeated million of times, but the innocent lives will never come back (ignoring the case of reincarnation). Would this, regarded as the second worst case of mass-killing by the media/on record, be the catalyst of 'real' change in anti-gun movement in the States?.....I really doubt it.

Yes, the faces of innocent death, particularly those 20 kids' would be a very powerful weapon by the anti-gun force. However, the pro-gun side is just unmovable. The issue is not just about the money they spent on politicians and lobbyists, but the real problem is the deep-root gun culture in the American society/history that may be shaken in a very short term with this tragedy, but people will go back to the way it has been in about a month.

Parents of the death wouldn't want their kids' pictures as weapon for long. Cuz, pro-gun and anti-gun battle is long term. The longer those parents see their deceases' faces in the media, the harder for them to begin their healing which will never end till they join their kids. With national attention got shift to other places, trust me, for NRA and other pro-gun bloodsuckers will give themselves high five and back to normal...until next time.

The Constitutional right to bear arm is too fundamental to American, it will not be changed in peace time, and it will only be strengthened in wartime. So, the lost of lives this time would at best trigger some 'meaningless' change of regulations that would manage the flow/registration of few exclusive type of firearms, and some mere 'discussions' about the relations between arms access and mental patients.

I felt really heart wrenching while watching the video clips of the parents of those young victims. For being a parent myself, it is just really really sad! I really don't know what to say to them, cuz, for them, the loss is everlasting, it is a 'black hole' in their hearts that will never be filled.

May the innocent ones rest in peace and God damned those pro-gun fxxkers!

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