Friday, December 28, 2012

My electricity appliances and gadgets at home

Well, as the so-called 'end of the world' didn't happen. Life got back to normal. During that period running up to 12-21-2012, many stories were told by various media. One of them is about the impact of high dose of solar flare on earth. Of course, many bad things would have happened, like skin cancer, knocking down of satellites which would make our mobile phones into bricks, etc. Certainly, thank God, such things didn't happen this time. However, that hasn't stopped me to think further on another mentioned sidetrack impact would be the effect on our electricity power plants.

Without electricity, our life as city dweller will be turned upside down into nomad in no time. First of all, we can't live in highrises without elevator. Tap water will be out of services. So, just the problem of residence, food and water will simply send most civilized people into chaos. Some people would suggest that the best way for us will perhaps to move to suburb or rural area where it is possible to grow things or house few chickens, or move to coastal area where fishing is possible. Certainly, that's just prelim  thoughts without really thinking through, cuz most of us will die of starvation before our chicks grow and our tomato trees bearing fruits. Instead, trying to get fuels to run small power generator and to recharge batteries will most likely be better options instead. At least, that would get our fridge running and get the stove burning somehow.....

I think I might have carried too far away. Actually, that somehow has made me to account for what items in my home that would use electricity. After I looked around in my home, I think the following would be more or less the complete list:

Panasonic LCD TV
Sony Home Sound System
Philips DVD player
Unknown brand cable box
Apple TV
Mitsubishi Fridge
Tefal Oven
Panasonic small Oven
Siemens Water Heater
Siemens Kitchen Stove Fan
Philips Brander
Panasonic Rice Cooker
Panasonic Electric Pot
HP Desktop
Philips Monitor
Apple iPhones
Apple iPods
Apple iPad
Sony NEX 5N Camera
Canon Camera
Panasonic Camcorder
Zanussi Washing Machine
Nuk Baby bottle cleaner
Whirlpool dehumidifier
Boneco humidifier
Braun Shaver
Panasonic Blow Dryer
Unknown brand Paper Shredder
Canon Scanner
HP Laser Printer
Asus Router
Philips Wireless Phone
Braun Electric Toothbrush
Unknown brand lamps
Akai Heater
Delonhi Heater
Panasonic Electric Fans
Philips Vacuum Cleaner 
Fujitsu Laptop
Asus Netbook

When I recount the appliances above, I got myself sidetracked a little bit for their brands. I know that many of these appliances were probably made in China. But I can't help but realizing that none of them are coming from Chinese brands. I'm not surprising that happen. Cuz, from my point of view, products that made in China with Chinese brands are different from those with foreign brands. It has more to do with my trust of foreign brands' QC than that of Chinese brands. I think foreign companies are more conscious of the reputation of their brands, given their longer history and their widen market coverage globally. If they make poor products, the impact is much higher. On the contrary, Chinese brands have less concern for being younger companies which are still trying to build their reputation. Also, their market is still primary in China. Thus, even though the QC of both Chinese and domestic brands may be the same, based on some 'black sheeps' incidences before, I would still opt for foreign brands, particularly on things running on power. I don't wanna get a house fire because of poor works inside the pretty shells of those appliances. 

I don't think I'm too brand-conscious in my appliance purchasing. Price is still a major factor, but it is not the ultimate determination factor. Durability and safety are also important. After looking at that list, I can't help but also think what if I don't have them, would my life really be that different? If I've to pick or choose some of them, what would be my choices? That would go back to how they affect my livelihood. The more I think of it, the more I find that would be quite interesting.

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