Thursday, December 20, 2012


Well, unless you live in a hole, for reason one way or the other, you will know what 2012-12-21 is all about. For this topic, I did somehow blogged about it before. So, I'm not gonna say too much about it, cuz not much new things to add.

For me, it will just be another day. I will wake up, go to work, and go home with my family. Certainly, I will check out the web throughout the day to see how silly some people will behave tomorrow. Then, I will go out to have dinner with my family in a restaurant near my home. That's my plan.

Besides the nuts and the opportunists who still believe that tomorrow is the end of the world, many people say that tomorrow is simply a beginning of a new era. Well, you can pretty much say that any day. Perhaps, it would best fit to the Mayans who certainly would need a new calender. For the rest of us, we still will enjoy the fruits of our hard labor from the past, and shoulder the consequence of our wrong doings in the past. Meanwhile, we are also doing things that will affect our future. That's karma! So, with such continuity, there is no such thing as a new beginning. We are not iPhones which have the 'reset' button. Thus, just do as we do everyday, work hard, do self-reflection to see what can do better next time, and that's it.

Wish you all to have a 'normal' tomorrow! That's what I except to have. Cheers!

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