Monday, June 4, 2012

Few thoughts on NBA Playoff

First of all, I’ve been a long time C’s fan. So, no matter what I’m rooting for them on the emotional side. However, putting that aside, I do have objective things to say about what I’ve seen so far about this playoff.

As of today, the Celtics just won Game 4 over Miami Heat and the series is tied at 2-2, same as the Western Conference between Spurs and Thunder. I’ve not got the chance to watch as many games as I want to, but based on 2 games of each conference and few in previous round that I saw so far, I do wanna share few thoughts about the games.

Celtics’ resilience is very respectful. We all know that they are old; they can’t run much and are injured. However, in the playoff with their half-court tempo that they play, it works into their advantage. They barely survived from the ‘should-not-be-that-difficult’ series with 76ers, many people thought they will be crushed by Heat in spite of the absence of Chris Bosh. Well, they didn’t. Celtics has been playing with the heart and emotion throughout the series so far, perhaps that’s the drive that keep them afloat. Heat is injured, but they are clearly overrated. In spite of all the hype and the real talent that LeBron and Wade have, they are still searching for their heart! Nonetheless, the game is played by 5 players; just 2 superstars are not enough. Though almost everyone says that the result of this series will be Heat-in-6, I will doubt that based on what I’ve seen so far. It will go to Game 7 and who know which team will win, it is so 50-50. Anyway, the only word that I think best describe this series is ‘Grind’.

On the Western Conference side, it is no ‘Grind’ at all. It is really a ‘fight’. Similarly, it is about an old experienced team against a younger team with superstars. However, I think the Thunders this year is no Thunders of last year. It is definitely an upgraded team. Just seeing in the eyes of Kevin Durant, he is just more patient than last year. Thunders have a great Game 4, the offense was amazing, besides Kevin Durant and David Westbrook, the rest of the players were involved and contributed. They just look dangerous and would kill the opponent if you fell asleep. However, what was amazing to me was that Spurs though lost, they could stay very close to Thunder scoring wise even though they didn’t play very well. When they play good, they are just hard to beat. Spurs has never been my favorite, not even like to watch their game. I don’t mind, and actually love low scoring games with lots of defense. That’s why I wouldn’t mind watching those old Piston games back then. Spurs are not that though in defense, they can score, but their games to me just somehow…boring. I don’t know why, that’s just my feeling. Anyway, I don’t know who will win in this conference. But, honestly, I think either team will beat either team from the East. Cuz, I think both Celtics and Heat are so beaten up with injuries that they are no match to the power of the West.

Thus, my objectively prediction is that the West will win the champion this year in this tired and short NBA season.

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