Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface

Well, what a surprise! Microsoft announced its new hardware - Microsoft Surface, not the big ass table that nobody really use, but a hybrid of tablet and notebook. Would it be another so-called 'iPad-killer', or it will go down like Xoom, Playbook, etc, it remains to be seen. However, based on what I've read and the youtube videos that I saw so far. I would have the following comment on this new product.

1. I don't like the way that MS announce its product. Compared with Apple, they just didn't give out most of the critical information that people wanna know...
Price? Release date? They are all withheld. It is just stupid. If you really think that your product is so good that people would really wanna buy, tell them how much and when they can buy!

2. Battery life is unknown. For a mobile gadget, what more important than that given the current state of battery technology is still the short end of hardware advancement.

3. Software availability. Tablet computer is about apps. Just keep telling people about your Window 8 is not enough! What they are gonna run? Just Office? or games on Xbox? Can they run desktop old apps? Do some demo or what apps they can see? If they don't know what to show, go back to see some old Apple keynotes!

4. Window 8 RT vs professional? Why MS has to make things so complicated. I guess it must have something to do with the chips and capability of running different things. If I'm not wrong, it means some program may run on professional version of the Surface, but not on RT. If that's true, go to hell then! It just confuse a hell lot of normal users. Why can't they just make things easier for consumers to understand?

5. Be clear of who your customers are? Regular consumers or professional? I think MS want the Surface to be the solution to everybody. If so, show what it can do! I'm not clear what it can do.Cuz, if MS is bold enough to put its name on a new hardware, just tell everybody how good it is, particularly to iPad owner like me or potential iPad owners why they should by Surface. Is it a better ebook reader? Has it intergrated with iTunes/AppStore type of distribution channel? Show us something, damn it!

6. The smart-cover keyboard. Yes, it is a highlight of great engineering. There is the only thing that I would say was a surprise in the whole product package. Though, I hate the stupid colors of those keyboards except the black.

7. The build in stand. Many people said that it is a good point of the device. It is firm and the angle was right. Well, maybe. But showing that stand and also the way that all MS people hold the Surface. It just gave a message to everyone that they device should only be used with landscape mode. Would that means vertical mode should not be used? I guess the stand can be folded, but what if I want to make it stand vertically?

Well, that's my take so far. More will be seen in coming future. However, as a 3rd gen iPad owner myself. I'm not sold of this new gadget from MS, not yet.

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