Thursday, January 7, 2010

Y Intersection

I don't blog about my works too much. First of all, I like to keep certain thing private. Secondly, my job is neither 'flashy' nor 'excited' to blog about it. Thirdly, blogging to me is a 'relaxing' thing, while working is not, I like to separate them as far as possible as if I'm 'living a double life'. However, it is undeniable that work life does take a great trunk of my waking hours. I know the part about "I don't live to work" very well, and I've been able to do that most of the time. In fact, I practice "work to live"extensively. That's how I pay my bills, for God sake!...However, maybe I'm paying a price for adopting this concept for too long. Certainly, nothing is perfect, "We work to live, not live to work" is no exception.

Having said that, what I mean is that I should kick myself 'HARD' to drive myself out of my comfort zone and strive for 'something' in my work life. I've not been doing that for a long time with various 'excuses'. Now, I think it is time for me to think and start doing the otherwise.

I'd an annual review session with my boss today. It was a good chat with him. The main thing that I need to do is to make a decision about what I want to be if I stay in my current company. I always know my goal, just didn't know what options available to get that until today. How lazy I've been!? Now, I've to make a decision and once I do that, my boss promised to help me get there. I trust him and will do my part accordingly.

Now, I'm standing at an intersection on my career path (at least the part that is visible). I just need to make my decision on which direction I gotta take. One advice that my boss said that has really stuck on my mind is that "Focus on your strengths, and strengthen them! You will always have your weaknesses, and what you need to do to them is to cover them to some extents...cos, no matter how much effort you are gonna make to improve your weaknesses, they are gonna be stronger than your existing strengths." Woa!! What a "flesh of lightning" across my mind!.....It is not something hard to understand, it is just something that I've never really thought of it. Just a thing that make me go 'Hmmmm......'!

Well, I will begin my personal analysis seriously very soon, and hopefully something good will come out.......


Joyce Hor-Chung Lau said...

I wish you luck in your job, whatever decision you make!

Joel said...