Thursday, January 21, 2010

How an iPhone save a life

Just came across a news article about the latest Haiti Earthquake tragedy. A guy trapped in the rubble and was able to use an App on his iPhone to save his life. Basicially, he referred to a first aids app. to treat his wounds and use the camera to help his netvigate where he was about. For details, please read this. I guess this is just another story that marketeer of a product must dream of. That remind me of another similar story about the 9/11 incident. There was a guy using the light of his Timex watch to lead people going down the escape staircase to safety. I think there was an ad mentioned that afterwards. I'm not sure if Apple will bring this incident up somewhere in near future. Given all the buzz about iPhone, I doubt Apple would need such to boost its product. Nevertheless, it is a good story about a piece of general tech product that really do something great. What's greater than saving a life!

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