Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Canon IXUS 200 IS

Well, I bought a Canon IXUS 200 IS last week out of an impulse which was kinda unusual to me. I did have another Canon camera before I bought this one, the one that I had wasn't broken or anything, I just suddenly felt that it would be time to upgrade. Anyway, this is my third Canon and I've been using this brand for a long time. I did pondering of buying a Panasonic Lumix, however, I still end up getting a Canon. Cos, the quality meets my expectation and I did get use to the navigation of its menu which I consider to be a pain to learn a new one. I think this is a key to product manufacturers to know that customers, regardless of how tech-savvy some consumers are, we are all humans after all. Besides being lazy often, we just don't like to learn something new provided that the new thing is pretty much the same thing as existing. If a Canon camera can do x, y, and z, and a Panasonic or whatever, pretty much do the same. Why bother to learn another one? That could explain to why Microsoft still beats Linux, and how Apple to get a whole of the market. Certainly, there are many other factors involved. But, the issue of familiarity is certainly an important one that shouldn't be overlooked.

Going back to the camera, I'm not a good critic, so I don't have an in-depth review of this camera. However, I do like the quality of the pictures and the functionalities of this camera. One in particular is the motion sensor thing which is new to me on a camera, as it let me to flip up and down to view picture library, this is kinda cool. I just need to get more time to learn to use it, besides taking pictures for my son.

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