Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google vs.China (Cont'd)

The latest saga of China vs “xxx” has a new player. I think Google’s threat of pulling out of China market is the most interesting tech/politic/business news for a long time. Certainly, as this story is still being unfold as I’m blogging now. It would still be a lot of actions and reactions in coming days/weeks/months. However, based on what have happened and the information publicly available so far, there are more speculations than serious analysis of this incident in the media. There are still more questions than answers. So far, I think the following things and questions are simply interesting to follow up:

Chinese netizens put bundles of flowers outside Google’s office in Beijing (I thought that only happen to dead people?!), and Chinese cops remove them and forbid people to do that, would those folks be arrested?

Rumor saying that Baidu's search technology is mimic/tailgate Google's somehow, with Google pulling out, what would the effect to Baidu?

Would Google pull out simply its search business or everything else? Like Chrome, Chrome OS, Android, etc…

Will Microsoft and others follow Google?

Some (or all?) employees in will be laid off for sure, what will happen to those millions of Gmail users in China?

Will the whole Google vs. China thing turns ugly, I mean will Google or others publish the “Great Firewall climbing guide” to China internet users? Instead of staying underground?

Who are the other 20 or so companies that are hacked along with Google? Rumors include Yahoo, Symmatec, etc. Will they join force to with Google to take next steps?
Well, this saga is just fascinating, let’s stay tune….


鹿米館 said...

This isssue cover political and economic impact, it also involve game theory and marketing strategy.

Does google has any hidden agenda?

we need to know more and more in the coming days.

中產管數男 said...

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