Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Power of NOW!

As time travel is not a reality. We can neither go back to the past or future. Therefore, we are all living at the moment, it is NOW. However, many people, including me sometimes, would spend more time than it should be, missing or thinking about the past, or dreaming about the future.

Of course, it is not fair to bash all, but I think many people who are indulged in missing the past – particularly the so called good old days, are folks that have not much going for their future. Thinking takes time, so when you have time indulging the past, it means that you are spending time to let you mind doing ‘time travel’ to the good old days, rather than doing something maybe more valuable at this moment. Many old people like to think about the past. Naturally, it is because they have a longer past to think about, and they have a shorter future of which the end is something that many people would like to put off. Well, that’s not their faults. However, for younger people, I mean those in their 30s or 40s are increasing to think about the past. For example, I do hear more folks saying how good the 80s and 90s were. The trend and the life, back then were just worth missing. Certainly, they are no historian who will also look at the bad side of those days when the Cold war was still going on. I just think that the value of looking at the past is to learn previous lessons in order to avoid repetition of mistakes. Otherwise, who care about the past, neither the good or bad of which can be changed.

Thinking about future is important, cos what could happen down the road should be the most important guideline to tell us what should be done now. A better future has been the driver of most of human advancements. However, the flip side could be true, what Adolf Hitler thought about the Third Reich’s future ended up the tragedy for millions. On a personal level, we may not have a big goal and think about it everyday, however, setting up some short term goals would be a nice way to motivate oneself to work harder than one can be.

Since we can only go in one direction, if we want a better future, it really matters on what we are doing NOW. Also, we need to enjoy the moment, try to enjoy what we are doing NOW. Cos, future gratification is down the road, not now. If we don’t enjoy what we are doing now, we most likely won’t do well in what we are doing, and the results won’t be good enough to achieve what we want. So, enjoy the moment is important, even though sometimes it could be painful.

The bottom-line is that thinking about the past or the future should serve the purpose of helping us to do whatever we are doing NOW.

NOW is the future of the past. future
NOW is also the past of the.

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