Thursday, March 20, 2008

Music Appreciation

I love music. I don’t sing and don’t know how to play an instrument. But I’ve to say that listen to music is really something that I love very much. There is no good or bad music, it is just a matter whether you like it or not. I think there are only two kind of music, one is with human voice, and the other is without. For me, I like both, it really depends. For songs, I don’t care too much about lyrics in most cases, certainly there are exceptions, like some raps or some songs that has great and meaningful lyrics. That’s why I have such a broad taste of music, regardless what language the songs are in. I care the most is how the songs make me feel, what kind of mood that the songs put me in. That’s why I may listen to certain type of music because I feel certain way, but sometimes I would choose to listen to certain type of music to make me feel certain way.

I don’t have idols but I do have some favorite musicians. I care the most is whether they make great music, unlike many folks who will care what kind of person the musicians are. I think music is an art, good artists are either gifted or molded through time. That’s why there are prodigy like Mozart. In modern times, many great musicians are not normal people, they may be ill, crazy in some ways, addicted in drugs, or been doing times. I think these kinds of ups and downs in life can mold a musician to produce masterpieces. Great music has to come from their heart and mind, not exactly by commercial calculation, or plagiarism.

For the musician that I like, there are so many of them, I can cite a few of different genres.
Classical – Mozart
HiphopEnimen, Wyclef Jean, Fugees, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z etc.
R&B – Michael Jackson, Sade.
Pop – Madonna, George Michael, Justin Timberlake, Dido
TriphopPortishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Goldfrapp, Craig Armstrong
Dance – Faithless, Moby
Rock – U2, Garbage, Cranberries, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Santana, Eric Clapton, Prince, Mark Knopfler
Softrock – Sarah Mclaughan, Tori Amos, Carpenters
Metal – Linkin Park, Metallica
World music – Enya, Sissel, Kitaro, Secret Garden, Sarah Brightman, Katherine Jenkins
Jazz – Mile Davis, Diana Krall, Sarah Vaughan,
Blues – BB king, Eric Clapton
Etc, etc.

I think I listen to pretty much all types of music, as my old CD collection over a thousand and current 10xGB of MP3 collection has shown. However, there are still fill type of music that I just can’t get into, such as Country music like (Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Alabama, etc, can stand the wait they sing, kinda boring), Japanese Opera (can stand the tone), traditional Indian music (the monotone of string sound), and Drum & Bass (the beat is so boring, even worse than elevator music or call-waiting music).
One thing that I would like to do in my spare time if I have, is to find a book or two to read more about Classical music and Jazz music, so I can learn their structure and know how to appreciate them more besides the natural feeling that I have torwards them.

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