Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Have you ever….
* Thought that your life is so boring and routine?
* Thought about being a different person to do different things, meet different people, live in different place?
* Thought about start things all over from scratch and erase the mistakes that you had made?
* Thought that you are not supposed to do what you are doing but can’t get away from it?
* Felt like you move on day by day without even need to think much and still can get by, somewhat like a zombie or dead man walking?
* Felt that you enjoy dreaming more than staying awake, though you are not tired or even the dream is a nightmare?

If you nod your head and say a big ‘YES’ to any of those questions, you may or may not live a meaningful life, cos that doesn’t just depends on how you see it but also on other people’s perspectives as well, but you definitely need a CHANGE. Regardless whether the change is gonna ended up better or worse.

I felt ‘some’ of that more or less before. Yes, I did change. However, it often really happen was that I CHANGE how I see things rather than really changing something dramatically. Just try to tilt my life-pendulum from one end to the other, look at the half glass full that I have, etc.

All changes start in our head. As our surrounding changes continuously, we need to and have to adapt. Nothing is forever, except change. Just like my motto – Only Change is Forever!

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