Thursday, March 20, 2008


God, the supreme divine being, that exists in most religions. I believe in God, or whatever name you want to call it. Certainly, I think that every religion or belief has some sorts of definition or description what God is. Certain, that differs among religions but they do have things overlapped. I think that a lot of conflicts are results of people being so caught up with those differences. I would rather look at the similarities or the common things among different interpretation. I think that’s what most folks who are not a firm believer of one particular religion and not an atheist should do.

I believe in God but it doesn’t mean I believe in religions in general. I don’t hate it or like to criticize it. I think most religions are good in general by themselves. The bad thing for any particular religion is that religion was largely man-made at a particular point of time in history for some reasons which had evolved overtime. Therefore, some original interpretations of God were loss or misinterpreted due to various reasons due to the merge of political power and religious authority. So, I believe most of the ‘differences’ among Gods in religions can be illustrated by the story of four blind men’s description of an elephant. God is all that and none of that.

I believe God is the supreme power that drives everything in the universe. It balances the Yin and Yang, and drives Karma. So, in my mind, based on the limited scientific knowledge that I have, God and science have no conflict. God makes one plus one equal to two. From anything physical to anything abstract and relationships between them, God has rules for all those. In science, God rules how energy flows. In abstract things, like human relationships, God governs Karma. God is impartial and God is both love and hate. So, I don’t believe God is only full of love. Cos, if that’s true, there should be destruction, death and suffering. So, I don’t think we really need to worship or pray to God. Cos, if things mean to happen it will. Praying has more to do to strengthen your will or relaxing your mind then really something God goes out of its way to help anyone. Since God is so impartial and neutral, so I think that God is absolutely fair. If God is not far, then one plus one will equal to two sometimes, but equal to other things the other times. That’s why when someone says God is not fair. I would totally disagree with that. I believe that God is fair but just God doesn’t have the responsibility to explain to everybody that it is fair or not everybody is able to understand that it is fair.

Since God is omnipresent, that’s why I don’t need think you need to go to synagogue, church, temple or any sort of place to feel God. If you really wanna in touch with God, just close your eyes to concentrate, you can feel it that way, if not, at least it relaxes you. So, when I hear someone claims that he is doing something ‘in the name of God’, I simply dispraise it. Come on, find a better excuse if you wanna do something. In the name of your lust, or your gut, or your mom or something, put God as your shield to do things doesn’t make you right, just tell people that you wanna do it. That’s it.

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