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Chinese URL

Just came across a very interest article about Chinese URL.

In case the article will be gone in future, I just copy that below:

The Secret Messages Inside Chinese URLs Decoding 

An American friend living in Beijing once said she refused to communicate with anyone whose email address consisted of a string of numbers, such as This made sense to me at the timewhy make email addresses as difficult to remember as phone numbers? But I soon realized that issuing a blanket ban on number-based communications would mean cutting off just about every single Chinese person I knew.

In the U.S., you really only have to remember two long numbers, ever: Your phone number and your Social Security number. In China, you’re constantly barraged by digits: QQ numbers (QQ is China’s most popular chat service), email addresses, and even URLs. For example, the massive online retailer Jingdong Mall is at or, if that takes too long to type, Check out to see one of China’s first and largest online gaming websites. Buy and sell used cars at Want to purchase train tickets? It’s as easy as

Why the preference for digits over letters? It mostly has to do with ease of memorization. To a native English-speaker, remembering a long string of digits might seem harder than memorizing a word. But that’s if you understand the word. For many Chinese, numbers are easier to remember than Latin characters. Sure, Chinese children learn the pinyin system that uses the Roman alphabet to spell out Mandarin words (for example, the word for “Internet,” 网络, is spelled wangluo in pinyin). And yes, Arabic numerals (1-2-3) are technically just as much a foreign import as the Roman alphabet (A-B-C). But most Chinese are more familiar with numbers than letters, especially those who didn’t go to college. To many, “” might as well be Cyrillic.

The digits in a domain name usually aren’t random. The Internet company NetEase uses the web address 163.coma throwback to the days of dial-up when Chinese Internet users had to enter 163 to get online. The phone companies China Telecom and China Unicom simply reappropriated their well-known customer service numbers as domain names, and, respectively.
Digits are even more convenient when you consider that the words for numbers are homophones for other words. The URL for the massive e-commerce site Alibaba, for example, is, pronounced “yow-leeyoh-ba-ba”close enough! Those digits can just as often have individual meanings. The video sharing site works because the word for “six” is a near-homophone for the word “to stream.” The number five is pronounced wu, which sounds like wo, which means “I.” The number one is pronounced yao, which with a different tone means “want.” So the job-hunting site sounds a lot like “I want a job.” Likewise, to order McDonalds’ delivery online, just go to, the “517” of which sounds a bit like “I want to eat.” (An English equivalent might be the old radio jingle, “How many cookies did Andrew eat? Andrew 8-8000.”)

This kind of number-language has become an infinitely malleable shorthand among Chinese web users: 1 means “want,” 2 means “love,” 4 means “dead” or “world” or “is,” 5 means “I,” 7 means “wife” or “eat,” 8 means “get rich” or “not,” and 9 means “long time” or “alcohol.” The numbers 5201314, for example, mean 我爱你一生一世,or “I will love you forever”; 0748 means “go die”; and 687 means “I’m sorry.” (See here for more examples.) Chinese has plenty of other number-based slang, such as erbaiwu, or “250,” which means “idiot,” or “38,” pronounced sanba, which means “bitch.” And of course there’s the association of certain numbers with good or bad luck, and the subsequent demand for addresses and phone numbers with lots of 8s (“get rich”) and minimal 4s (“die”). Back in 2003, a Chinese airline paid $280,000 for the phone number 88888888.

Why don’t Chinese web addresses just use Mandarin characters? Because that’s a pain, too. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which sets the rules for web addresses globally, has periodically hyped the expansion of domain names to include non-Latinate scripts, but Chinese web sites have yet to take full advantage. Some devices require a special plug-in to type in Chinese URLs, and even then it takes longer to type or write out characters than to input a few digits. Plus, for web sites that want to expand internationally but don’t want to alienate foreign audiences with unfamiliar characters, numbers are a decent compromise.

Still, the numbers/letters divide is emblematic of the Internet’s built-in bias: Even more than two decades after its birth, it’s still a fundamentally American system. (Sorry, Tim Berners-Lee.) ICANN is an American non-profit corporation, though the U.S. recently agreed to hand it over to a “global multi-stakeholder community” in 2015. ASCII, the character-encoding scheme that was long used on most web pages, is short for the “American Standard Code for Information Interchange.” In 2012, the United States refused to sign an international telecommunications treaty, supported by both Russia and China, that would shift the Internet away from its current U.S.-centric form of governance. In other words, the structure of the Internet is a constant reminder of American digital hegemony, from WiFi standards to GPS. Even the “.cn” at the end of Chinese URLs comes from the English word for China, not the Chinese word for China. You can’t blame other countries for wanting to tell the American 250s to 0748.
0 字部 
019425 你依旧是爱我 
02746 你恶心死了 
02825 你爱不爱我 
03456 你相思无用 
0437 你是神经 
04517 你是我氧气 
0456 你是我的 
04567 你是我老妻 
0457 你是我妻 
045692 你是我的最爱 
0487 你是白痴 
0487561 你是白痴无药医 
0564335 好无聊时想想我 
0594184 你我就是一辈子 
065 原谅我 
06537 你惹我生气 
07382 你欺恶怕善 
0748 你去死吧 
07868 你吃饱了吧 
08056 你不理我啦 
0837 你别生气 
08376 你别生气了 
095 你找我 
098 你走吧 

1 字部 
1240 最爱是你 
1314 一生一世 
1314925 一生一世就爱我 
1372 一厢情愿 
1392010 一生就爱你一个 
1414 意思意思 
147 一世情 
1573 一往情深 
1711 一心一意 

2 字部 
200 爱你哦 
20110 爱你一亿年 
20160 爱你一万年 
20170 爱你一千年 
20184 爱你一辈子 
2030999 爱你想你久久久 
2037 为你伤心 
20475 爱你是幸福 
20609 爱你到永久 
207374 爱你七生七世 
20863 爱你到来生 
20999 爱你久久久 
220225 爱爱爱爱我 
230 爱上你 
234 爱相随 
235 爱上我 
240 爱死你 
246 饿死了 
246437 爱是如此神奇 
25184 爱我一辈子 
25873 爱我到今生 
25910 爱我久一点 
259695 爱我就了解我 
259758 爱我就娶我吧 
2627 爱来爱去 
282 饿不饿 
2925184 爱就爱我一辈子 
296 爱走了 

3 字部 
300 想你哦 
30920 想你就爱你 
309420 想你就是爱你 
3013 想你一生 
31707 LOVE(把BP机倒过来看) 
32012 想念你的爱 
32069 想爱你很久 
3207778 想和你去吹吹风 
330335 想想你想想我 
3344 生生世世 
3399 长长久久 
356 上网了 
35910 想我久一点 
3731 真心真意 

4 字部 
440295 谢谢你爱过我 
4422335 时时刻刻想想我 
4457 速速回机 
456 是我啦 
460 思念你 

5 字部 
505 SOS 
507680 我一定要追你 
510 我依你(我已来) 
51020 我依然爱你 
51095 我要你嫁我 
51396 我要睡觉了 
514 无意思 
515206 我已不爱你了 
51620 我依然爱你 
51820 我已不爱你 
518720 我一辈子爱你 
51920 我依旧爱你 
51930 我依旧想你 
520 我爱你 
5201314 我爱你一生一世 
520*10000 我爱你一万年 
5203344 我爱你生生世世 
52094 我爱你到死 
521 我愿意 
5230 我爱上你 
5240 我爱是你 
52406 我爱死你了 
526 我饿了 
5260 我暗恋你 
530 我想你 
530184 我想你一辈子 
53207778 我想和你去吹吹风 
53406 我想死你了 
53517230 我想我已经爱上你 
5360 我想念你 
5366 我想聊聊 
5376 我生气了 
53719 我深情依旧 
53770 我想亲亲你 
53782 我心情不好 
53880 我想抱抱你 
53980 我想揍扁你 
540086 我是你女朋友 
54033 我是你先生 
5406 我是你的 
5407 我是你妻 
54064 我是你老师 
54074 我是你妻子 
54086 我是你八啦 
5420 我只爱你 
54335 无事想想我 
543720 我是真心爱你 
54430 我时时想你 
5452830 无时无刻不想你 
546 我输了 
5460 我思念你 
5490 我去找你 
54920 我始终爱你 
555 呜呜呜 
55646 我无聊死了 
556520 我不能不爱你 
558 午午安 
55926 我有多无聊 
5620 我很爱你 
562059487 我若爱你我就是白痴 
5630 我很想你 
564335 无聊时想想我 
5670 我要娶你 
570 我气你 
57350 我只在乎你 
57386 我去上班了 
57410 我心属于你 
574839 我其实不想走 
57520 吾妻我爱你 
576 我去了 
5776 我出去了 
578 补习班 
58 晚安 
584520 我发誓我爱你 
586 我不来 
587 我抱歉 
5871 我不介意 
592 我好饿 
59240 我最爱是你 
59420 我就是爱你 
59430 我就是想你 
59520 我永远爱你 
596 我走了 
5976 我到家了 

6 字部 
609 到永久 
6120 懒得理你 
6785753 老地方不见不散 
6868 溜吧!溜吧! 
687 对不起 

7 字部 
70345 请你相信我 
706 起来吧 
70626 请你留下来 
706519184 请你让我依靠一辈子 
7086 七零八落 
7087 请你别走 
70885 请你帮帮我 
721 亲爱的 
729 去喝酒 
7319 天长地久 
737420 今生今世爱你 
73748096 今生今世伴你左右 
73807 情深怕缘浅 
740 气死你 
7408695 其实你不了解我 
745 气死我 
745420 其实我是爱你 
7474074 去死去死你去死 
74839 其实不想走 
756 辛苦了 
765 去跳舞 
7678 吃饱了吗 
770880520 亲亲你抱抱你我爱你 
7731 心心相印 
7752 亲亲吾爱 
775885 亲亲我抱抱我 
77543 猜猜我是谁 
77895 紧紧抱着我 
786 吃饱了 
7998 去走走吧 

8 字部 
8006 不理你了 
8013 伴你一生 
8074 把你气死 
8084 BABY 
809 保龄球 
82475 被爱是幸福 
825 别爱我 
837 别生气 
8384 不三不四 
85 帮我 
85941 帮我告诉他 
885 帮帮我 
860 不留你 
865 别惹我 
8716 八格耶鲁(日语混蛋) 
881 拜拜唉 
8834760 漫漫相思只为你 
886 拜拜罗


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