Monday, July 21, 2014

My Long Absence

It has been the longest absence of blogging ever for this site. I guess many people thought that I've abandoned this site for good. Well, that's not true. There are just simply too many things happened in the last two months+ that can explain my absence. I think we could take over 10 posts to cover everything in details which just not gonna happen given the current situation that I'm in now. So, I'm just gonna do that by bullets, just for my personal interests to record part of my history. 

1. Job change 
I left my previous company for a new one. Hours are much longer and works are much more challenging. It is not an easier environment to survive. Cuz, my current job has no BAU, I either succeed or fail! No third way. So, I've been working very hard to please my new boss as well as everybody and myself as well. I even dreamed many times about my job which is not a good sign! But, what can I say? I made the choice to move on and I'm not that kind of person who will regret over such decision. So, I suck it up and take it like a man! It ain't easier, but looking at the good side, I've not been that self-motivated for a long time. I do like my current job and think that I still have the chance to make something about it. So, I gotta focus and work smart at the same time! What can I say? 

2. Business Trip 
I left for a business trip to the U.S. for 2 weeks last month during the World Cup period. It was an interesting trip. Met my sis one day in NYC. Visited the 9/11 Memorial Center, etc. Also, some scenary do stimulate certain nostalgic feelings.... Stucked in the middle of nowhere, glad to have free WIFI to Facetime with my family daily, and some old friends as well.... Travelled on B-class for the first time, it was indeed nice! Watch tons of movies!!! (includes LEGO, The Rise of the Planet of the Ape, The Wolf of Wall Street, Captain Philips, Total Recall and Robocop remakes, Frozen, World War Z, The Amazing Spider-man, Thor 2 - the Dark World, Iron Man 3, etc.) 

 3. Housemaid Replacement 
That happened before my B trip. It was done out of a 'necessary' reason. Is the result good? That's certainly debatable. Just another unique thought comingle in an already very busy and hectic household. Challenges always, such as new relationships to be formed, broken things like washing machine, electic fan in toilet, etc. Another character to deal with..... 

4. Health concern 
Touchwood, nothing really bad has been detected, but I do think that I'm getting old and stress at the same time. My hair loss is getting serious. My recent flu virus attack that gave me 4 days+ of sore throat has been a torture! I need to really pay more attention to my health and body..... 

  5. Others 
- Went to see Transformer 4 with my wife which was nice! Haven't done that for a while. 

- My iPad was disabled more than a month ago and I still don't have time and arrangement line up to fix it... 

- Bought a new HP PC before I left for my B Trip. It was a rush decision that I'm a bit regret that was made. Win 8.1 sucks! can't read isilos, problem with reading Chinese, still has problem in downloading files, iTunes problem, etc......SUCKS!!!!!! Well, that's all for now. Hope that I will have chance to blog more in near future!.....

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