Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Amazing Spiderman 2

Able to squeeze two and a half hour of time to see this movie the other day and wanna share my thoughts on this movie with you all.

What I know before I went to see the movie is that the actions are good, the movie is the longest Spider-man ever, and there will be Rhino, Electro and Goblin in the movie as villains.

What I think about the movie after I saw it are:
1. Andrew Garfield is better than I expected. I didn't see the reboot one of the franchise and I did like Tobey McGuire more as the Spidey, so when I know that the relatively good looking Andrew Garfield as the replacement, I'm kinda got put off to see the reboot. However, he seems to be fine as Peter Parker, though the movie has a sad part of it, he doesn't portrait Peter Parker as a loner and miserable person as Tobey did.

2. The love story between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy is actually acceptable, though I think that the death of her character in the movie doesn't hit the audience as much as it should. She is a likable character, but I don't see how she affected Peter Parker's character or decision making much either when she is alive or after she died. Peter Parker/Spider-man still act and talk the same.

3. Jamie Foxx is a waste in the movie. Seriously, I like his character better as a person before he became Electro. He really didn't do much in the movie. Electro's character is just skin deep and so one dimensional that his purpose is just to give Spider-man a run at the money in CG heavy action scene.

4. Actions are good! The swinging scene, the action scenes in the movie are all good, visually great and good use of CG/3D. There are enough or more than enough of action to entertain the audience, while the other aspects of the movies are relatively lacking.

Would I recommend people to see this movie? I would say yes, for Spider-man fan, a big 'YES'. But, don't be too excited about this movie. I just think it just try to do a bit too much and none of them (i.e. Peter's relationship with Gwen, friendship with Harry, his relationship with Aunt May, etc) are really good except the actions. Honestly, I would say Captain America 2: Winter Soldier is actually a more entertaining movie than this one. I would give a B-.

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