Friday, July 13, 2012

Few Recent Thoughts in personal life

Long time no blog!

Just busy, but today I find some breathing minutes to let my thought loses. Here are what I'm wanna say.

New Gadgets - I bought Apple TV today at lunch time. Excited to get that set up back home. Will talk about it more in near future. Also, bought a 2.5" external Seagate harddisk last week, it is for backing up my music as it has grown so much that my existing 500G one is gonna filled up soon. Hopefully, the new 1TB one would last me for a while. In addition, I'm gonna put my photo archives and ebooks on it as well.

iTunes Podcast app - Apple separate this function from iTunes app and I don't like that much. Perhaps it has something to do with the resources it takes to run. It is just dragging! It crashes at worse, and just damn slow most of the time. Also, the download button is too sensitive that the preview function got run easily if not click it precisely.

Weather - It is so damn hot lately. At home is fine, but it is brutal on the street, especially when I'm in my work clothes. Would love to find time to go swimming, but too bad, my older son is too scare to even play in pools! Hard to make him join me means that I won't be go swimming as I need to baby-sit him.

Home front - busy and tired but the worst has not yet come. I mean the combination of preparing my older son's portfolio and application for primary school, spending time with younger son to give him proper stimulation, and other family man activities. Furthermore, our housemaid is gonna take trip to visit her family for 2 weeks in Aug. It's gonna be brutal to take care of the kids, running family errands, taking my older son to summer classes and prep-talks from prospected primary schools to prepare him for interview. Just gonna be a hell month!

Movies - No time for movie recently. Would love to see Amazing Spider-man though my expectation is low. Also, The Dark Knight Rise is coming, gonna make time for it somehow.

Google Drive - Just love it! Meanwhile, I still building up my drive in I've almost 30GB!! Yay!

Spare time - still hard to come by as mentioned above. Listening podcast most of the time in traffic or on the road. As my podcast library has been efficiently cleared up recently, i.e. fast consumption than new files piling up. I start to diving in some of my music archive recently. Besides that, most spare minutes here and there are spent on web, just read news/fun articles, go to FB/forums/Weibo/Twitter and watching youtube. Would love to read books, but it is just too much of a luxury. Would love to catch up with friends outside FB, currently that remains a wish! Would love to go to concert, a wish again! : (

That's about it!

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