Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

The world we are living in is getting stranger everyday. The prime example these days is the so-called ‘Occupying Wall Street’ movement that is taking place in NYC and is being spread to other major cities in the world.

So far, this movement is peaceful by large. Yes, some 700 folks were arrested by NYPD last weekend, but they were released without much issue right after. And, through Youtube and minor TV coverage which I will talk about later on, the gathering near Wall Street looks more like a street fair with some art elements rather than anything like the Jasmine revolution throughout the Middle East or the riot in London last month. I’m no hustler of violence that wanna see blood and destructions all over even for a right cause, but I can’t help but wonder what is the point of this protest?

First of all, the protest doesn’t have a laser-like focus. It largely is about protesting the unequal distribution of wealth, greed of Wall Street, and unemployment, with some other minor issues here and there. With such scope of issues, that clouded up the opposite side of the protest. Who they are protesting against? If they are going after politicians, fine, they should go to D.C., but if they are protesting Wall Street, then it is just wrong for the protesters.

Wall Street is a place. There are many firms there, if they are targeting CEOs of certain companies, they should protest outside certain buildings and wait for the big sharks to come and go with their Vertu on hand, and throw cream pie on their faces. But, it seems like the protesters are just not happy with their current economic status and don’t know who exactly they should blame. They might just think that big financial companies, banks, fund houses, etc are all evil that have contributed to their demise. So, they just go to where they work and scream loud enough for them to be heard. And, hopefully, those big sharks will hear them with their conscience and start trading more humanely. Is that a joke or what?

Those protesters, based on what I saw on screens, are relatively young and educated people. I do admire their passion for change for good cause in most cases. However, some of them should at least know that the problem they are facing today can’t be solved by the way they have chosen. Protesting on Wall Street is not gonna change anything, but a waste of their youth. Wall Street is ruthless, it is all about profit. It is the engine that is driving the U.S. if not the world’s financials. Many people working there are no different from the rest, they just work hard to make as much as they can under heavy pressure. The genius that create crazy financial products with computer models that even rocket scientists can’t comprehend are not the bad guys either. The CEOs are greedy, but they are supported and protected by the whole capitalist system. Well, who govern the system, it is D.C. the stupid! It is the back-rubbing relationship between the interest groups and politicians, and the revolving doors among the personnel involved that get us this financial mess!

The U.S. bi-partisan political system is rotten to its core. Without a ‘peaceful, practical, reset’ button in sight, the only way is to fix it. Bad economy is a political issue indeed. Wall Street which is deemed to be evil by protesters doesn’t really do evil things only if laws allow them to. Thus, it is time for protesters to wake up, pack up, and be educated or informed of how the system works. Unless, they see the blueprint and ‘fine print’ of how things are linked up to function, i.e. the karma, all their passion and effort will go in peril.

What I mentioned about how little the mainstream media is covering the Wall Street protest, it just reinforce the conspiracy of the world is being controlled by few thousands elites who own and run the major corporations across industries globally. I’m not gonna list their names as it would be a whole different can of worms we are talking about, but you know what I mean if you are a curious person who know how to Google.

Well, I just hope the protestors will do what I described above, and end their fiasco peacefully soon. I will not wanna see these good people got hurt by any means if the whole thing gets drag on as they plan.

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