Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Billions

Over this weekend, the 7 billionth person is supposed to born. Perhaps this magic number has already been passed as we all know that population count is still an ‘art’ rather than actual science. The point is that without our day-to-day awareness, human population is still keep on rising. For regular people like us, life just goes on. Being more responsible to ourselves, though we can’t stop others to have babies, we can still mostly control our own. That’s largely out of practicality as we only have limited resources. Being a responsible parent, besides the endless love and care that we can give to our children, we do need to feed, dress, and offer material goods/services to bring them up properly. In the competitive world today with so many people, particularly in urban places that we are living in, everybody is talking about getting our kids a better head start then the others, regardless of our kids’ natural ability or interests. However, what I wanna talk about more this time is actually coming from a macro point of view about human population explosion, what things may/will happen or for God sake already underway that would have dramatic impact on our and our kids’ future.

In terms of science or realistic social-economic impacts on how 7 billion people would do to our world, tons of information is available in the net, such as . I would rather let the experts to do the talking. Instead, I would like to look at this human population explosion from conspiracy point of view which is less being covered in the press.

Challenging all you can, I believe that our world of 7 billion people is actually being controlled by a small group of rich and powerful people, perhaps by 7,000 or even 700. The point is that they have control over the most important resources that the rest of us are depending on, i.e. land, money, energy, foods, etc. We are basically their ‘slaves’ as long as we want to maintain our current standard of living or simply our way of life. Why? Because we are living in the system and environment that those people impose on us, i.e. capitalism and globalization. They set the rules that we need to play by. It is very hard to get out and live the life of social outcasts: I’ve never tried, but can easily imagine. For most others in our society, they wouldn’t even imagine or even try, cuz they just don’t even know there is other way. I don’t need to name names of our ‘owners’, you can find them easily on the net. Some people may be naïve enough to think that democracy forbid such concentration of power. However, I believe that democracy is simply a scheme with pleasant face value to fool the mass. Democracy can only be run peacefully and continuously with support by wealth. In other words, those who control wealth, do control democracy. So, you may ask what they all have to do with 7 billion people?

I don’t know exactly how many people our earth can support. But, I know the two following things:

- Humans, though physically are more or less the same, besides appearance and the minority with irregularities, we are all different from our birth till death. Why? Our ‘trans-life’ karma determines where we born, who our parents are, our level of intelligence, etc in this materialistic world. If you don’t believe in karma, you can’t deny the fact that we are all different in those aspects. As such, what we receive and exposed to since our births along with our growing experience are all different. As such, the material resources that we can access to would be unequal as well.

- Greed is part of human nature. We always want more. Yes, we can be educated to want less, but given the experience of having or not having things, many of us are gratify with having more. As the world’s resources are limited and they just can’t be shared equally, the poor are unhappy with what they have and the riches would not be happy to lose what they own. Inequity is just a fact.

Just imagine if you are in the ‘owner’ group for a minute. Yes, your peers would have their own personalities and views. However, since they have common interests and power, individuals may not be able to sway the majority thinking within the group, for the fear of being out casted and even ‘eliminated’. For such group of powerful owners, it is very natural for them to collaborate in order to maintain their powers by using the tools of the current system such as rules, laws, military and security forces, companies, trades, etc. Nevertheless, I can’t help but thinking that they would be very tempted to do things to make a ‘better’ world not just for themselves but for their offspring and successors as well. As such, I wouldn’t be surprise that the group will think that keeping human population in check would be one of their most important goals for the future.

So, what things can be done to ‘keep human population in check’? The definition is scary simple: slowing the growth or reducing it, or both!

Superficially, as our human population is in fact growing, it is diplomatically to claim in the public that slowing the growth is the goal. To playing along with that, the expected methods would be contraception, better education to women in the third world where population growths are concentrated, and more economic development along with acceleration of urbanization would the keys. Cuz, it is believed that more educated urban people are usually working too hard to breed.

However, since 7 billion is most likely being viewed as too many. I wouldn’t be surprise our owners would aim to reduce human population indeed. Theoretically, in order to reduce the overall human population when the base number is already big and ‘naturally’ there are more births than deaths, there needs ways to (i) ‘suppress’ the growth and (ii) ‘artificially’ causing more deaths.

In order to achieve (i), besides the superficial methods that are mentioned above, there are conspiracies are secretly being done to us and our children. For examples, genetic alternated foods are being used to somehow sterilize the mass. Most city folks don’t farm and depends on prepared foods. Small farmers are being squeezed, casted out, or controlled by big agricultural conglomerates who would use generic alternated seeds. Also, most livestock are also owned by big companies which control what they feed and inject in the bodies of animals that we eat. Meanwhile, many of us are educated and advised by authorities to take health-precaution shots for various virus or sickness. Would one of the long term side effects of chemicals in those shots be sterilization? You may say the government bodies and scientists are supposed to monitor the foods and drugs that we take. Well, not if they are controlled by our owners….

For (ii), it would be even scarier. How to reduce human population, aka increasing deaths? That can be done by many means. Wars, statistically and historically proved to be an ‘effective’ way to reduce population. Since most of us believe that aggression is part of our nature, as long as our leaders (if they are dictators of some sorts) go haywire, wars with other countries will happen, then massive deaths become very ‘natural’. In fact, wars have been with humans of all races throughout our known history. Peace actually is a rare phenominen of human beings. How sad is this? So, I believe that wars have been and will continue be used as a ‘depopulation’ tool by our owners. If you believe that wars can’t be and haven’t been controlled, think again! Most wars require resources, i.e. financial supports, so who controls money control wars. Go figure!

Besides wars, genocides also cause massive deaths. For example, the genocide between Hutu and Tutsis in Rwanda in last decade lasted only for few months, but hundreds of thousands of people died within weeks. People were killed by primitive tools, like axes and knifes. Someone may question how could that be controlled behind by owners? Well, with due respect to fellow human beings, I don’t mean to belittle anyone. I don’t care if they are Hutu, Tutsis or what. Just imagine, if ‘rules’ and resources are ‘somehow’ withdrawn from the ‘game’, and the people were remained with little to live on, with some ‘proper’ incitements, all hell will break loose to grab what’re left. No need to say more.

Human spirits can be very strong, but our bodies are actually very fragile! Massive death can also be caused by many other things, like ‘natural’ disasters (earthquake, tsunamis in area with large population), famines (in Ireland, China, East Africa, etc in recent history), and diseases (Black Death in 14th century Europe, Spanish Flu in early 20th century, AIDS, Ebola, etc). These phenomenons are well-known among the masses. Though they are horrible, comparing to wars and genocides, they would be relatively ‘acceptable’ by most human beings. It is because their occurrences are viewed as ‘natural’, so we can blame God, our Original Sin or even ourselves somehow, without knowing that those phenomenons could be initiated and controlled by our owners. For conspiracy non-believers, they only see those phenomenons as natural. For the minority of the masses, conspiracy believers, there are respective conspiracies to each phenomenon, such as weather control weapons, lab-created virus with specific targets in mind, etc. We certainly still have freedom to choose what to believe.

Anyway, just some random thoughts about overpopulation….

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