Saturday, October 1, 2011


Two days ago, the bald CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, introduced to the world the most credible challenger to iPad today - the Kindle Fire, a 7" highly customized Android tablet that only sells for US$199. I think Amazon is basically using Kindle Fire as the Trojan horse to attack the doldrums Android market. It's gonna make a splash that HP, RIM, Samsung and Sony so far failed to do. The reason is, as I've repeatedly mentioned before, tablet war is basically a war of ecosystem. None of the above players have it, except Amazon.

I read a news critic's view of the release of Kindle Fire that I agree very much. He said that Apple and Amazon are basically taking opposite approach. Apple is building killer hardware that are sold at premium to access its very good services: music, movies, apps. Amazon is building an okay hardware that are sold below cost to seduce its customers to spend heavy in its killer online retail store. He viewed that both companies are not in direct competition in that sense. But, that's not I would agree, cuz they basically are digging the same tunnel, just starting from opposite ends. They are due to crash! but, I would say that the real armor from Amazon is the 9 or 10" tablet that they are gonna release next year. We will see....

Upon the announcement of the Kindles, actually what caught my eyes is the 3G Kindle touch! 'almost' bought one myself, just pull back in the last minute somehow... However, I do find this gadget so tempting to own. Well, why? First, the price of just $159. Second, the access to library books. Third, the free 3G worldwide without contract. Fourth, the new feature of X-ray that prompt users to Wikipedia and dictionary for words. Fifth, the audit book feature. Sixth, the weight and dimension. The only downside to me is that it is not E-ink color which should be available technically, but not economically to Amazon at such price. Otherwise, I would just get that. Seriously, I would not be tempted by Kindle Fire that much, as to me, it is still a first generation consumer prototype from Amazon. Well, I'm no rush to get any of this as I don't have an actual 'need' to have it for the time being, but I can't lie about being tempted by such attractive offering from Amazon.

Anyway, the tech world is just so excited recently. Just stay tune to the iPhone 5 release on Oct 4 and the upcoming releases of Nexus Prime and Window phone upgrade then. A new round of battles have begun....

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