Thursday, April 7, 2011

My recent thoughts on Politics, Economy, and Global Conspiracy

I’ve not blogged for a while due to the hectic pace of my personal life recently. On top of that, my thoughts have not been very organized lately. Just too many things fleshing around me that I kinda lost focus on some concrete topics that I really wanna blog about, it is somewhat like ‘jogging’ in department store. i.e. you see a lot of things, but nothing hold you attention long enough to tell people afterwards what you saw. You know what I mean? Well, fortunately, I feel a bit better today and am also able to squeeze few minutes to blog. Hopefully, this blog is not too confusing as I do have few items that I wanna blog about. The more I read news, the more I’m frustrated with the local political scene which is such a mess. Government officials are so incompetent; the opposition parties only make sound bites without providing any concrete alternative policies or suggestions to counter the half-baked policies from the government. Given the deformed political structure without real functioning democracy and empowered mass, the current regime is just waiting to pass its patron to the next who has yet to be ‘chosen’. Being a member of a relatively highly civilized population, I think that we deserve better. However, we are just too occupied with filling our bowls that we are still kinda passive in fighting for our deserved rights. I don’t think we are truly powerless; as our current relatively inaction state may not last long. Agreed with most social critics have said recently, the pressure is certainly building in the society rapidly. The young, the poor and the middle class will not be willingly kowtowed to the riches and powerful for long. If they don’t wake up and do the right thing soon, they will sure regret….. Internationally, the Jasmine revolution in Middle East is contagious, particularly the current situation in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and Ivory Coast. How the West react to those uprisings differently just can’t hide the hypocrisy. Fighting for freedom and democracy are just hollow mottos that can’t fool any independent minds. I just think the nation that really holds the ‘key’ of peace is Israel. Cuz, its relationship with Palestine and Iran pretty much dictate the atmosphere in the region. Inflation is hitting home, I can tell from the growing grocery bill week by week. Things are just getting expensive. Bonus is not enough to cover tax, salary raise is a joke. Regarding the FX situation of USD, RMB, AUD, JPY, etc., what we earn and what currency we pay for goods are not in our favor. I’m ok financially for the time being, but I’m a pessimist in terms of our financial future. So, I’m really conscious about my spending. The financial picture of my household is still ok, but things could change easy down the road. Being a parent is expensive these days. That’s why I’m never a fan of luxury items and clearly know the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘desires’. As a result, looking at my current family situation, I’ve forfeited my desire of getting an ‘iPad2’ and perhaps an ‘iPhone5’ as well till next year for upgrade. The macroeconomic environment is not encouraging. Just look at the prices of oil, gold, foods, and all sorts of commodities, they are surging. The QE by the Fed floods the world with paper money that worth less and less….. I’ve long been interested in alternative, non-mainstream stuff. Reading articles and books of paranormal activities like ESP, ghost, UFO, aliens, etc have long been my favor pastime. However, what I’ve been reading recently are on ‘conspiracies’ like the Freemason stuff. Though there are reported that Freemason is related to the Pentagon which is alleged to work with aliens on secret bases and technology, etc. For me, I wouldn’t say I would completely discount the alien stuff from the whole picture. But, for the rest of stuff about conspiracies, the more I read, the more I found that the conspiracies can link up and explain ‘dots’ which are things that are happening and may happen in coming future. Those things are actually part of a complex matrix that cover political, economical, technological, social, and health aspect of our world that do affect us on personal basis. Yes, I can neither prove the conspiracies, nor make any meaningful change for some of those that may potential hit home for being a tiny powerless individual myself. However, just knowing something does give me a bit of comfort. It may sound silly to some people that if you gonna die, what makes a difference if you know the cause or not. Yes, that’s true from a point of view, but, as I said that I like alternative stuff that I don’t think along with the mass. I enjoy knowing something, i.e. to have a set of coherent belief/theory to explain how/why certain things happen, much more than being ignorant and then perish in veil. For the mentioned matrix above, I think the so-called conspiracies that I read so far did help me to link up the following ‘dots’: SARS, Swine Flu, Genetic-alternated foods, Monsanto, World Population control, IMF, World Bank, Center for Foreign Relations, U.S. Presidents, Iran, Stuxnet, CIA, War on Terror, 9/11, oil shortage, global warming, Hurricane Katrina, Drug Cartels, Rothschild, Freemasons, illuminati, Zionism, the Pope, Media, Chinese Economy, WW3, EVP, U.S. National Debts, QE, New World Order, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, etc. I’m not gonna elaborate the connections of those dots, they can be found in internet easily. Let’s be honest, I’m truly fascinated by the materials that I read recently. Nonetheless, as I said, I don’t think I can do much in spite of ‘knowing’ how things are connected and what ‘may’ happen in near future. What I will do is simply living the way I can and to be what I should be: to protect/support my family and to be a constructive member of the society. I’m not sure if what I’ve just blogged too confusing or not. Well, that may simply reflect part of what have been on my mind recently.

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