Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Source Code

I managed to see the movie ‘Source Code’ over the Easter weekend. I didn’t know too much about this movie, except that few critics did praise this movie. It ended up exceed my expectation and I love it. I would say that it is the best sci-fi movie since ‘Inception’!

Obviously, this movie doesn’t have a high budget, but it doesn’t need hurt the movie at all. Cuz, great vision and CG doesn’t help if the story and acting are not in place. That’s exactly what ‘Source Code’ has that many higher budget movies, like ‘Star Wars Prequels’ and ‘Tron Legacy’ lack.

I don’t even wanna breakdown the movie into goods and bads, cuz the down side, if there is any, are not obvious enough to put me off a bit. First of all, this movie is an intelligent sci-fi movie. It has a concept about keeping the soul in a control environment that can be send back and forth to alternative reality or parallel universe at ease for 8 minutes. So, the story is confined within a time limit. Then, the U.S. military has a goal of using such technology but the main character ‘Sean’, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, has its own mind as well. The story is mostly about how the main character out whizzed its imposed limit to fulfill some human dignities that aspire audience, like love with an aspiring lovely female victim, like to comforting his dad over his own death, saving the innocents. That’s much more inspiring that using hi-tech weapons to shoot and kill all the time.

Jake’s acting is good as usual, I’ve seen his previous works of “Brokeback Mountain’ and ‘The Day after Tomorrow’, so I know what to expect. I think he is a very versatile actor that usually can help a movie even it is bad, somewhat like Matt Damon. The female leads Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga are decent actress that play their characters well. They kinda remind me of like Cate Blanchett.

I read some critics compare this movie to Inception, Jacob’s Ladder, and even Avatar for various reason. However, I think this one more remind me of “Groundhog Day” more which is one of my favorite movie. I don’t wanna review too much the plot of ‘Source Code’. No, there is no twisted or surprise ending in this one. However, the ending is logical and smart, not too Hollywood typical ending, but it can certainly open to a sequel if necessary. Though I’m fine with it, and sequel is not necessary to be called for. I would say that the 90 minutes of it is very smooth, the viewing experience is certainly enjoyable and this movie is certainly recommended.

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