Friday, March 25, 2011

I need a break

I’ve been very tired in these 2 days. I didn’t know why at first. Is it because I didn’t sleep enough? Or too busy at work? Yesterday was Thursday, but I felt like it was Friday. So, you can imagine how I feel today. I think I'm tired is a result of combo of factors.
  • Am I too busy at works? Well, I had busy days, but not to a point of exhaustion.
  • Am I sick or something? I don't think so. I think I've not worked out for a long time, that doesn't help.
  • Anything to do with my diet? well, actually I eat quite well recently, just too full sometimes. But, it is fine overall.
  • Have I got enough sleep? Well, that is a bit lacking, maybe I listen to podcast a bit too much, cuz I've been trying to catch up with some programs, just wanna clean up the backlog. However, coffee helps and I did do some catch up in bed to make up my needs.
  • Am I too stressful over things? Well, yes, to some extents, considering the recent and upcoming change on the home front. However, I think that's still manageable.
  • Am I bored? Hmm..... certainly not as vivid as many others. I've responsibilities to fulfill. I've jobs to do. Most things take time. I need to keep harmony at home. That takes effort. So, with the limited spare personal time that I have. My PC and iPhone entertain me. Is that enough? No, but I somehow just get use to it. Not trying to complain. Perhaps time is really the issue, that's why I decide to put off my desire of getting an iPad2 and get iPad3 next year instead. iPad3 will certainly better than iPad2, if I don't have time to enough iPad2, why I just wait till I may have more time next year to get a gadget that refresh every year.
Come to think of it....I suddenly realize a forgotten fact that I've not have a vacation for at least a year if not longer. I start my current job last May and it's been 10 months now. I can't recall when did I have vacation in my previous job. That means I've been working for months and months without a break to refresh myself, to rejuvenate, to recharge, to chill or whatever you call that. Maybe that's why...........
However, based on my current situation on home and work fronts, I don't think I will take time off till June. So, there's 2-3 more months to go!! Oh Shxx! I need a break!....................

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