Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fukushima 50

A team of workers said they would give their lives to save Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant from disaster. I definitely think that they are truly heroes. For god sake, they may die sooner than they suppose to be due to the potentially fatal levels of radiation that they are voluntarily exposing themselves to. They will be regarded as martyrs for sure.

They said that they are not afraid to die. It is easy to say, but really doing it is another thing. The 180 technicians have been nicknamed The Fukushima Fifty because they rotate shifts at the plant in teams of 50 in a desperate bid to cool overheating reactors.

They are the bravest of the brave and have put themselves before their country. And Tokyo radiology professor Keiichi Nakagawa said: “This is like suicide fighters in a war.” But, I disagree with that. Yes, they are Japanese, but they are not Kamikaze. Those fighter pilots crashed their planes to U.S. battleships in WWII gave their lives to a wrong cause. Though that was probably not what they believed then, they died for their country on the wrong path. However, Fukushima 50 are doing for the well-beings of not just their fellow citizens, but for the rest of us as well. Whether they succeed or not, we owe them to some extents for sure, and they absolutely deserve salute from the world.

Reportedly, many bone marrow centers all over the First world are ready to help these folks. However, their fates in terms of medical reality are doomed. Hopefully, the medical world would be able to level their pain and their government would take care of their love ones, so they will rest in peace and received the highest honor and respect that they deserve.

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