Monday, November 1, 2010

Dream on Halloween, 2010

Halloween night, nothing special happened in my household. I had a long family day of the usual, i.e. took my son to music class and to the park, do some household cleaning, shopping for a little bit, then playing with my son again, etc. Another exhausting thing was to fix a booting problem of my Window 7 PC, which required me to reinstall Office 2010 again, etc. Just tiring by the time I went to bed.

Well, I had a vivid dream last night out of the blue. In my dream, I saw my ex-colleagues and a friend of us who passed away early this year. I forgot the place, but it was indoor where we all gathered. ‘He’ showed up, not really like a ‘casper’ if you know what I mean, but slowly walking to us. He was just a bit pale looking, wearing a light blue shirt and dark pant. We were talking. The atmosphere in the dream was a bit eerie. We were kinda surprised of him joining our gathering. We didn’t scream or anything, just have the feeling in the back of our mind saying ‘odd oh’. Then, we talked to him as he was willing to speak. But the strange thing was that he didn’t show too wide a range of emotion like the person we used to know. His response was kinda slow and after a few minutes of conversation, we all kinda got a feeling that he didn’t know he died, he couldn’t recall where he has just been, what he has done, things like that. And, when we talk to him, we were kinda bitting the bushes of trying to find out what has happened to him since his death without saying that directly to him. Anyway, his voice was calm and nothing scary about the whole situation. Then, somehow we left the scene with our backs turn to go somewhere, that dream just end all of a sudden, visually like the end of a youtube clip.

Then, there was a ‘reprise’ of that dream. I have been listening to a net radio station lately when I got time and one of their shows is about paranormal stuff (mainly about ghost). In that dream reprise, it was all audio, visually all black as if I was listening to the radio program with my eyes close. I heard the familiar voice of the host and surprisingly he said that his guest of the show as my ‘deceased’ friend! Then, my friend said ‘Hello’ just like a living normal person. I forgot what happened for the rest of the show, but that’s all I can recall.

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