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Online Translation

I read an article yesterday in Apples Daily written by a very famous Chinese author Chua Lam 蔡瀾. That article titled “才女” is a good one that I wanna share on my blog. As I believe that some readers of my blog don’t read Chinese. So, I was thinking about translating that article in English. Naturally, I went for one of the most popular online translation tool – Babelfish for this job. I’ve read news from some experts saying that the online translation tools have been improved over the years and they are actually quite good now. Well, the quality below speaks itself. Underneath the original text in Chinese, I put the Babelfish translation below in brown, and put my own translation in dark green.

I guess it is an interesting post that I make this time. First of all, you can see the original Chinese text. Secondly, you can see how good the quality of online translation tool currently is (certainly, there must be some better translators in the net, judgment on the current quality of online translation is purely subjective in this case). Thirdly, people can feel free to comment on my translation. I hope I did a decent translation and would welcome constructive criticism for any mistake I had made or improvement suggestions.

The contemporary talented woman


The contemporary talented woman, must receive oversized can gradually: Shanghai, London, Paris and so on. With Chinese, must lives in a time in Hong Kong not to be possible, here is the Chinese apex character's intently.

To be considered as a talented woman in contemporary time, she must spend some times indulging in metropolitan like Shanghai, London, Paris , etc. For those prolific in Chinese, they must live in Hong Kong for a period of time if possible, where the best among Chinese gather.


The field of vision has opened, contacts compared to they more intelligent men and women, only then understood that anything calls modestly, the makings enhance to another level, this is on the material cannot have.

That would be eye-opening experience for giving themselves the chances to mingle with people who are smarter than them. As a result, they will truly understand what modesty is, and their temperament will be raised to a higher level. This is not something that can be attained through material possession.


Goes to the US to be also good, but is only restricted in New York. Certainly, New York should not belong to US, she can match with Europe. Since does not live in New York, the least also lives in the eastern part, look like Boston and England and so on, mentions English to come, is not only then coarse.

The above can be achieved by going to the U.S., but that would only confine to New York. Certainly, New York actually matches Europe more; it should not belong to the U.S. Even if not living in New York, she should at least live on the eastern coast, in places like Boston and New England region, etc, where the English accent are more comprehensible.


Most envies California, that side tune is the American main strength type, moreover each few words' ending, all turns a question mark, sounds gratingly, is repugnant, instantly drops a standard.

Don’t reside in California, where people speak like American G.I. with every sentence ended as a question. That sounds gratingly and repugnant, and would instantly lower the score for picking up such accent.


Except these metropolises, India, Nepal, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, even Nabeiji, must walk, how studies others is to live, understood that anything calls brilliantly.

Besides those metropolises, she should still visit places like India, Nepal, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, even the North and South Poles. By learning how others live, then one would understand what brilliance is.


The talented woman must deeply love the life, curious, in the knapsack travel age, enjoys suffers hardships happily with. If takes away by the parents, only lives in the five-star hotel, also not 夠 progression.

A talented woman must love life deeply and be full of curiosity. During her age of travelling with knapsack, she should enjoys both hardship and pleasure. If her trips are tagging along her parents, and only living in the five-star hotel, those trips are actually not fulfilling enough.

基礎應該打得好,不管是繪畫、文學、電影和音樂,都得從古典開始着手,根基才穩。一下子乘直升機,先會抽象、意識流、新浪潮和 Rap,以為那是最好的,就走入了歧途,永不超生。

The foundation should hit well, no matter is the drawing, the literature, the movie and music, must from start to begin classically, the foundation is only then steady. Rides in the helicopter all of a sudden, will be first abstract, the stream of consciousness, the new tide and Rap, thought that will be best, has gone astray, will never be reincarnated.

She should set her foundation well by starting learning in classical form, no matter in drawing, literature, movies or music. Her foundation will only then be steady. Otherwise, if she begins her learning as an analogy of riding in an helicopter all of a sudden, i.e. start learning abstractionism, stream of consciousness, new tide and rap, and thinks that they are the best. She has gone astray indeed, and there will never be way back for good.


Although the fashionable clothing is vulgar, but also study. Looks at the contemporary famous expert, does not know beauty the ancient Greece person shoe, is also superficial. The jewelry however, sometimes bargain-priced goods, obviously have also savored.

Although fashion is vulgar, it should still be studied. However, in spite of going through the works of most of the contemporary famous experts, she would still be deemed as superficial for her ignorance of the beauty of ancient Greek footwear. The same applies to jewelry, personal taste can sometimes be expressed through wearing a piece of bargain-priced accessory.


Likes eating the thing, is inevitably, this is lives the most primitive part, can not but many 嚐. Tries the completely world delicacy, only then knows anything to call well, because had the comparison. These many conditions, must certainly have the great money 灑? That was uncertain, had the courage, could survive under any environment, studied.

Affection in foods is a must. Eating, for being one of the most primitive activity of human beings, should be done as much as possible. Having try out all delicacies in the world, she would then tell what is the best through comparison. While these many conditions have been mentioned above, must that certainly involve lots of money? That’s not necessary, one can learn a lot through living in any environment as long as with courage within.


Speaks of the tail, what is most important is the understanding male. May certainly absorb from the books, but in the real life, a multi-junction opposite sex friend, is not a misdemeanor. Indiscriminates in making friends and finding sexual partners a word, that is several hundred several thousand year ago matters, does not need to pay attention. Had this kind open-minded and the open and bright individuality and the thought that can discuss the talented woman. Otherwise, most is only the capable woman who has not savored.

Last but not the least, the most important thing for a talented woman is her understanding of male. She can certainly pick up a lot from readings, but making all sorts of friend of,opposite sex in real life is by no mean a misdemeanor. Doing that and being accused of promiscuous would only be applied hundreds if not a thousand year ago, that should thus be ignored. Having this kind of open-minded and bright individuality and characters, then she can then worth being considered as a talented woman. Otherwise, she will most likely be viewed as a successful career woman without taste.
By the way, the term '才女' should not be simply translated in English as 'a talented woman' without a subtext to explain what exactly a '才女' is. Cuz, my interpretation of '才女' is a woman who is educated, with independent thought, has her own personal taste in whatever she selects and can explain her rationale behind every decision she made. So, it is much more than just having talent.

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