Friday, November 19, 2010

Deathlist & Hatebook

Surfing the web has always been a pleasure to me, particularly running into some hidden gems every now and then. Being a busy person these days, I don’t have the luxury of simply putting dummy words in Google and see what come up and exploring the web that way. Instead, most of my current exploration in the web is the result to either through linkages on websites that I visit for certain purpose, or through Google search results of some particular things I was looking for.

While I was trying to get some ideas of what good books to read today, beside checking out the Amazon top selling lists, I input ‘Celebrities reading list’ in Google to see what came up. I made such search because of an interview transcript of Bill Clinton that I read few months back. In which he mentioned what books that he read and I found his reading list to be very interesting. As such, I was thinking if other celebrities (well the intellectual type, not Paris Hilton type for sure) have similar reading list for my reference. I found some, but they are not that good. However, I saw a search result in Google that just kinda out of place. I wonder putting such item on a normal search result list may be a good way to catch people’s eyes and got some hits. Of course, out of curiosity, I hit the link got to this site.

Well, it would say that it is just a trivia site. I can read the perimeter of this site and see what criteria they put up for the names to be qualified on their lists. Still, I don’t know what exactly the purpose of keeping such site up. Anyway, I think that may be one of the beauties of many sites like this in the English spoken world. People would just do something that doesn’t mean much to most but only for few people who are interested in, regardless how weird or even sick the interest may be. I think this site is clean, definitely not sick from my point of view. Cuz, I’m not one of those traditional old fads who are close-minded about death. The site is just kinda silly, but still a bit informative. If they input some odds and dollar figures in their lists, it wouldn’t be that much different from some betting sites that let people bet on the craziest things that people can come up with, like betting when will be the end of the world or something like that.

Another site that I think it is quite interesting is this. I totally forgot how I get to know this site. I think the idea of this idea is really good. Everybody talk about love. Yes, love is good and positive, but it is all of our human emotion. The opposite of love – hate exists, something that can’t be denied. We were taught to love but not hate. Turn our cheek to be slapped again if we are slapped, etc. I’m not gonna drill down too much about my feeling about ‘love’ vs ‘hate’ here. However, hate should not be suppressed. It is like flood water, when it comes… it comes! The best way is to ‘channel’ the flood water to some drainage. If we can put some power generator there would be even better, if not, at least the least amount of damage would be resulted. I think this site is good way for people to pour their gut out, to scold anyone or anything that they hate. I think that’s actually quite positive. To be honest, I’ve never written anything in that site, however, I can imagine it would be a good way to relieve anger or hatred in people’s heads. At least they are calm enough to put their anger and hatred in words, which takes more effort and thinking than just yelling out or beating someone. I can imagine that the contributors in that site should feel better afterwards, just like people would feel better after they cry their sadness out.

Well, though I would not call these 2 sites as some hidden gems in the web, at least they are fun to spend few minutes on. That’s it for now, till next time!


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