Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dream on Oct 6, 2010

I was about to go to sleep in my dream that ‘somehow’ I got the news that Lebron James was dead! But the cause of his death was unknown in my dream. Then, scene changed to be on top of a smoky mountain on a sunny day. There were many tribal Africans praying and speaking a language to me.

Then, suddenly, a Chinese young man who can speak Mandarin and Cantonese come out of nowhere saying that he can be my guide. All of a sudden, that guide and I was in a big terminal of some sorts (like airport or spacecraft or something). There were shops in the terminal and there were people of all races. Then, that guide told me that we are in Arctic circle and he likes to live need the North Pole instead of China. I told him that my wife and I suppose to meet and wonder if I can fly out from that terminal. He said no, because a storm is coming and there won’t be flight in or out for the next 3 days. I say, it looks kinda calm outside the terminal, though it was dark out. He said that the weather in Arctic is different, there just won’t be flight in next 3 days. Irrationally, I respond to him that I think my wife should come to meet me here instead then.

Then, I saw some sportwear stores in the terminal, some young folks were scooping up anything related to Lebron James, like sneakers, posters, etc. I said to one of the guys that you guys really know how to make money, you know people will pay more to buy his stuff as he is gone. Then, I saw TVs in some stores showing Pat Riley with hands cover his face of disappointment and sadness that the dream of Heat dynasty is just gone. I don’t know what the TV said, as there were only images, but no sound!

That's all I can remember.

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