Sunday, August 8, 2010


Finally, I got the time to see my most anticipated movie of the year. "Inception" is certainly a masterpiece! As so much was told about this movie, how complicate it is, I know that I won't have time to revisit this movie anytime soon. So, I did read something about this movie before going to see it, so as to understand it better. Well, since I know so much about it beforehand, I do have quite a high expectation of this movie, and Christopher Nolan didn't disappoint me a bit.

Usually, when I share my thoughts here about movie, I will group comments on the goods and bads. For this one, there is really nothing bad that I can think of. Perhaps, there are just so much to think about while I was seeing it and afterwards as well, it would be simply a waste of time to find whatever flaw this movie has... if any.

I think the acting of almost all actors/actresses are superb, the pace of the movie is tight and breath-taking. The F/X is appropriate, not too much to overwhelm us, but just enough to make the point. That's what I really like about Christopher Nolan. Cuz, at the end of the day, the story is what matter! All the blue-screen stuffs nice, but meaningless unless it goes with the story. I think being a writer himself with his brother, Christopher Nolan is able to really translate what the complicated story all about on the screen with enough guideline to lead the audience, but leave enough space for audience to use their brain and imagination.

Leonardo DiCaprio does a very good job of portraying the character Cobbs, but relatively speaking, I would nominate his performance in Shutter Island for any acting award rather than this one. But, don't get me wrong, he is very convincing in this movie.

I think the breakthrough actor of this movie gotta be Joesph Gordon-Levitt. He is somewhat like Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings. His character of Arthur doesn't have a very standout character in the movie, but his look and the scene in the hotel does let him shine. He looks like a very versatile actor to me, should be able to play both the good guy and the villain. Certainly, an up and coming actor that should be watched out.

Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard play their respective characters of the Architect and Leo's wife nicely. I've never seen their previous movies (at least not I remember them). But, they have shown their ranges and depth in presenting emotion.

I also like the weightless scenes which reminded me of matrix. Also, the architectures in the movies that remind me of M.C. Escher. That's just nice!

Lastly, the script....the soul of this movie! As a matter of fact, should be of all movies. Sadly, other filmmakers just don't get it... Anyway, I think there are so many things that can be sliced and diced about the whole concept of dream, dream within dream, level of dreams, limbo, the totem, the game rules of the concept and how the characters going along or contradict the rules, etc. I would leave them to other to talk about them.

What I like about it is the ending, which showed the totem spin wobbly. Then, it goes black on the screen. That's just give so much room for imagination and interpretation. Was Cobb still dreaming? or He did rejoin his kids in the States? I don't know....Some people say that leave room for a sequel. I'm sure Warner Bros will push hard for it, but I hope Christopher Nolan will not make a sequel, cuz I doubt that a sequel would have as tight a script as this one. Also, what is the point of a sequel? Answering all the questions that people have? I don't want that? Ask us more questions? No, I think that's enough this time.

Anyway, I would say this movie should win the Academy Award for the best picture next spring. If not, shame on the Academy then. I just love this movie and will try to check out few of Christopher Nolan's old movies that I've not seen. If you can only see just one movie this year, this is gotta be the ONE!


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