Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dream on Aug 17, 2010

Just note down some tip bits about my dream last night, a weird dream as usual. I can't recall everything, but there are some pieces here and there that I can still remember:

I was in a big house that with podium. I saw the band 'Garbage' performing while doing stunts, like Shirley was riding on top of Butch, or something.

I saw some everyday photos on the noticeboard on the wall, showing that I live there.

I heard Portishead's songs, forgot what it was.

I saw my grandma feeding animals with a bucket of foods in hand outside of the house, there were cats, dogs, even a mountain lion. They all seems to be quite nice to my grandma.

I saw George W. Bush got off a Lincoln car outside the house with 3 secret services guys I assume. He has two large green baggage with him. I had to help to drag them into the house. He was a bit upset that there was a concert taking place in the house. However, actually, there was no audience there.

The timing of all the scenes above are in the evening time on a sunny day.

That's it.


Joyce Lau said...

It's interesting that you remember your dreams in such detail.
I dream alot, and often remember my dreams very vividly, but only when I first wake up. If I don't write them down, those memories are gone by afternoon.
My husband hardly ever dreams, and when he does, he never remembers them. Guess everyone is different.

Joel said...

Yes, I'm a dreamer that dream every night. Not that I remember my dream everyday, but many times I do. However, I only remember dream in pieces, nothing coherent or made any sense.

Joyce Lau said...

I read once that people don't dream in straight-forward, logical narratives. Everyone dreams in bits and pieces.
It's just that, when people wake up and try to remember their dreams, there is this human compulsion to "make sense" of it. So the conscious awake mind tries to pull everything together into a logical narrative, even if the dream itself wasn't like that to begin with.

Joel said...

What you said is so true, dreams are not in logical sequence. At least all the dreams that I could remember have proved that. Anyway, seems like you are quite into dreams. Guess you have already seen Inception. I love it!

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