Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celtics 2010-2011 is Expendables!

With the latest addition of Shaq to Celtics, the Cs is basically a team of senior citizens in the NBA for the coming season. Well, I don’t mean to put the team down, rather I like what Danny Ainge does so far. Losing Tim Allen is a shame, but at least he keeps Nate Robinson. Jermaine O’Neal is a roll of dice considering the cost and the potential return. In contrast, regardless there have been so much negative words on the signing of Shaq by Celtics, I think this is a great deal! Cuz, the team got him at bare veteran minimum, but the upside would still be great. He is somewhat like another Sheed Wallace, you don’t get him for regular season, but for the critical ‘moments’ in playoff. I think Shaq still has some gas in the tank to make timely contribution in those moments when they come. Regarding the chemistry in locker room, with a tight team of all will-be-hall of famers, I think Shaq is smart enough to know what to say and what to expect. So, Danny Ainge has assembled a formidable team of veterans, like the actors of the movie ‘Expendables’, to deal with the young running guns in most NBA teams. I think the team will be interesting to watch if not more than what the Heat will do in the next 2 seasons.

What Doc River gotta do is the same as last year, to keep the stars healthy and injury-free if possible, just grinding through the 82 regular season games with about 50 wins, just good enough to be in the playoff. Then, let the ‘real’ games begin. Cuz, Celtics is a half-court team that emphasize defense. Looking back, the crucial components of past championship teams are health, defense, experience, stars, and role players that perform or even had breakthrough games. Celtics have plenty of those, at least on paper. So, it will be exciting to see how they perform. Also, what should be watched out is how Rondo, Perkin and G Davis will develop in the next 2 years. Cuz, I believe they will be the core of Celtics two years down. Certainly, with all the contract expiration from the all stars, the team will have a deep pocket to maneuver in the future market. My guess is Rondo will be the cornerstone player that won’t be traded. All the rest are not. Anyway, I would say that I trust Danny Ainge on this strategy which should be both good in the short and long run.

Looking around the league with dust settled. The landscape is pretty much set. Lakers will be invincible in the West. Suns, Maverick, and Spurs would not post much challenge to Lakers. I like Nuggets, but they are still not good enough. So, Lakers is expected to cruise all the way to be in Final next year. On the East, it is more interesting. All eyes will be on Heat, the new big threes now have a bunch of good role players and veteran around, it will be up to team chemistry and the skill of the coach to make the team all the way to the Final. On their way, besides Celtics whom I believe will be their opponent in Eastern Conference Final, Orlando doesn’t do much but still good, and I like Bulls very much. They have a good coach and a young core that will be the team to watch in next few years. Still, both Orlando and Bulls should still be no match to Heat or Celtics in next season.

Well, that’s my thought on the upcoming NBA season.


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