Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My initial thought on iPhone 4.0

Well, Steve Jobs has just officially announced the release of iPhone 4.0. I think the phone itself looks pretty slick! However, for a practical guy myself, I would not trade my 3GS for it though the overall package is quite appealing. Cuz, the major attraction to me is the iOS4.0 itself, i.e. the multi-tasking, the folder management, etc, which will be available for free to be downloaded to my 3GS. Since I'm not very much into complex games or taking exotic HD videos, so the other physical enhancements are not something that I really needed.

Yes, other features are attractive too, like the front camera for video calls. I would love it, but I would be more concern of the cost of using it. 500 megapixels is nice, but I'm ok with 320 for simple casual picture taking. Thinner is nice, but 3GS is not the old Dotpod, so, I'm fine with the current physical form. Longer battery life is nice too, but I'm ok so far in terms of charging. In addition, the most important issue for me is that my 3GS still has a year of contract to go. So, I guess I'm not gonna upgrade it till the iPhone 5.0 release. I hope Apple will upgrade its capacity to 128GB if not more. Just can't stand the mere 32GB that I've.

To be honest, I'm a bit lured by Android 2.0, if not because of the foreseeable pain of migrating stuff from iPhone to Android, especially my addiction to iTunes for managing my music library, I would very likely to get an Android phone, i.e. one of those HTCs for leisure. Well, it is still a thought. So far, Apple still wins me over and I'm still happy to be in its camp.


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