Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers won banner#16 and the aftermath for the Celtics

As I predicted yesterday, Lakers won the 2010 NBA trophy over the Celtics. It was a hard fought game, credits got to go to all players involved. Yes, I'm a Celtics' fan. Loss on my favorite team is hard to swallow. There have already different theories coming up on why they lost: Kendrin Perkin's absence, the big threes are too old, Rasheed Wallace was over-fatigue, the ref called too many fouls on the C's etc. People can form whatever judgement they want. It really doesn't matter what caused the loss, the fact is that they lost! Down the road when most people look back the history, all they will see is that Lakers won and Celtics lost. That's it.

Well, as NBA for this season has officially come to an end. The Lebron+everyone hunt will be the main story until dusts settle. The power landscape of NBA will certain change and next year will be an exciting year. The Lakers will have challenges ahead of them. Will they be able to 3peat? Nobody knows. However, I'm sure Celtics' great run will come to an end with Doc River's departure, Ray Allen's signning to another team (not because he doesn't wanna stay, but because Ray's agent doesn't want his client to sign for a small amount that Celtics will offer). Also, Paul Pierce and K.G. have piled up so much mileage that they just can't beat the younger guys in series. Yes, Rondo is their bright future, but not able to elevate the team by himself until after the retirements of Paul and K.G. in 2012, when the team can free some $$$ to sign another 1 or 2 all-stars to join the C's. The team will probably be a 2nd around play-off team at most, depending how the power landscape will be shaped this summer.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Teams move on, so do lives.


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