Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game 7

Yes, everybody is watching the World Cup, the once every four years event. However, we are still in the first round of the top 32. So, I will leave it that way for now.

NBA, my favorite spectator spot, has reached the final game for this season. Game 7 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, a rivalry for the ages. Being a long time C's fan, I can't help but rooting for the big three to play the last game together amid Ray Allen's departure in the next season. Yes, there are still a lot of unknowns, but it is just my hunch that 'this is it!' for the big three. Tonight is gonna be the final act for them to play together on the same team, probably the last time they will reach the climax of the career since they won't their first rings two years ago. I've tremendous respect to their games. Paul Pierce become an outstanding all-around player, Ray Allen, still the second best crutch shooter (for me just behind Reggie Miller) but with great defense, and Kevin Garrnett, the best defender of his post. I hope they will win their second ring, but my wish is one thing, reality is the other (maybe).

Kobe is still Kobe, the best player since MJ. To me, he is just MJ of his generation. In terms of desire to win, he is second to none. It is ultimately up to his sidekicks on whether they want their rings as badly as Kobe is. Also, the home court would favor the Lakers, I don't care how much others discount that fact.
At the end, who want the rings most will win. I first read that from Rick Fox and then from Magic Johnson. I think that's true.

For Kobe, it is more of his personal pride of winning his 5th ring, revenge against the big three for Lakers' lost in 2008, and the scare of losing to the same team which would certainly discredit him as the best Lakers. However, for the big three, this will be their final act, could be the last time they will reach the final in their celebrated careers. I'm sure they want to go out at top with a big bang then anything else. Yes, they are not retiring after this season, but they will be too old to adjust to new coach, or even new team to get to be championship in next one or two years. By then, they will be simply too old! So, let's see who will win.

My hope is for the Celtics, but my hunch told me it will be the Lakers.


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