Monday, February 15, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Instead of getting ripped off by restaurants on standard set Valentine dinner which are over-priced and under value, I pulled up my sleeves and went to the stove myself. With a full stomach with steak, asparagus, mushroom, carrot and rice, my wife and I headed to cinema for a good time last night after our son went to bed. Originally, I was hoping to get tickets for "Valentine's Day", but it was sold out, so I moved down the second choice which is actually my first choice in terms of what movies are out there. We went to see 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief'.

I knew next to nothing about this movie before I went to see it. I only heard that it is similar to Harry Potter's movies of which I'm not a fan. So, my hope wasn't high at all. Well, after I saw it. I would say that it is not disappointing by any mean.

Story: I'm not going into the details, as you guys can wiki it yourself. I would say that the story is very straight forward and simple. Knowing that it is a children story, that makes it forgivable and understandable. I'm fine with it. I appreciate complex intelligent stories. If they happen to be children stories, that would be even more amazing. I've never read the book, I don't know how close the movie to the book. However, it is simple and easy to follow, just tag along 3 youngsters to go for a magical ride. That's all. I'm fine with that.

Acting: Don't care too much. Cos, the main actors/actresses are young and green. I don't really expect anything, but who knows in future one or few of them may become big stars when we look back, just like we now recall that Johnny Depp was actually in Nightmare on Elm Street. Who would have thought about him back then that he would become who he is now? So, acting of those youngsters just fit what characters they were playing. Well, there are some big name co-stars as well which are a bit surprising to me. Who would have thought ex-James Bond would show his 4 legs! and Miss Kill Bill would wear a Lady GaGa shade with snakes all over her head! Anyway, those lines from their mouth are corny! Perhaps, they just played along with what the original stories, but those are highlights in the movies.

CG: Well, this movie is all about CG. Without it, this movie would put me to sleep. Are the CGs good? Well, it is not Avatar or Transformer or 2012. However, they are fine with the story. So, I buy them along the ride. No complaint, they are just fine!

So, after I saw this movie, I dug into the background of the story more on the web and found out that the sequel of this movie is in the making and will come out in 2012. Will I see it? Well, I would say that I don't mind to see it, just to see if it's gonna be better than this one or not. I would say that this movie is not great, but decent, particularly those with a child in the heart.

By the way, as a side effect, my interest in Greek mythology has been raised by this movie, would like to learn more if I've time. Cheers!

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