Friday, February 5, 2010

Mars vs Venus

I had my monthly lunch with an old co-worker today. As usual, we chat about everything. While one topic led to another, the topic about how man and woman think came up. It is always a favor topic, cos I’m from Mars and she is from Venus. It is always good to learn how other thinks. Though what she said doesn’t represent how other women think and vice versa, I do find it a bit inspiring for me to use as reference in my relationship with my wife. Meanwhile, I think my friend found my comment funny and insightful to explain to her female friends and get a good laugh from her husband (whom I know) as well.

Actually, what we talked about was nothing new. Basically, it is about how men think one way while women think other way. On example is that men are usually very straight forward in terms of handling problems. When we see a problem, we will think about the practical solution and apply it. When it’s set and done, we move on. We are rarely expressive of our emotion caused by the problem. Perhaps, we get over the emotion part quickly in our mind, then jump into the problem solving process. However, women tend to not only expressive but also drag on the emotion side of the problems much longer than men do. Often, the emotion side could become as big if not even bigger than the actual problem itself. I used to be confused by why the way women handling problem in such way. But now, I guess I learn to accept it as it is. There is usually no answer to such question, by accepting it and move on seems to be a more practical.

I don’t know if it is true or not. Maybe I’m dumb and/or lazy, I think the more a man trying to understand how a woman thinks, the more he will find out that he doesn’t understand how she thinks. By accepting the way she thinks rather than understanding it would be easier. Of course, she will complain why you don’t understand how she thinks, then, he will need to come up with an answer or he can cleverly divert her attention to something else.

Not sure if that works for others, but that’s just some afterthought I have after chatting with my friend.

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