Monday, February 8, 2010

Being Homey

I’ve been complained by my wife recently for being boring. I believe it is just another case of ‘half glass full’ that everything has both pros and cons, depending which side you wanna take. I think one thing that makes me kinda boring is that I don’t like to go out unless I’ve to. Therefore, for women who like shopping or window-shopping, being with a ‘homey’ person is certainly boring.

I don’t know if it is because I’m getting old or what. I just don’t like going out that much without convincing reason. Certainly, I still like traveling, I’m not talking about aboard, even a field trip to rural areas would be nice. For me, that’s a strong reason to get me out of my home. Besides that, going to work, taking my kid to places, shopping for necessities, going to see a movie in cinema, visiting relatives or catching up with friends, these are valid reasons as well. Otherwise, I just don’t like to go out just for the sake of not staying home. I don’t find my home is a horrible place that I need to escape from. Well, my ‘shack’ is not a spacious, model apartment with fancy decoration or latest design. However, I just think that I’m a simple guy that simply enjoys staying in my nest!

In the old days, I would like to go out, a home to me was just a place to sleep, and I would feel lonely for staying home. But my life is different now that I’ve a family. Even if there is nobody home in some rare occasions, I would still enjoy my time in my shack. I don’t mind to chill out and lay on my couch to relax, turn on my stereo, pick up a book that I bought long ago that I’ve no time to read, or read a magazine that I subscribe, or fixing a drink from the fridge or something while watching a movie on TV. Or, I would take a nap in a lazy afternoon, or simply on my PC to browse here and there to learn things and kill time. I really enjoy these kinds of stuff. Cos, I pay money for my roof, I like enjoy what it can provide me.

On the contrary, I often found staying in traffic is annoying. I think I’m still young in this sense that transportation of any mean is for the function of carrying me from A to B. I’m not too interested in anywhere in between unless I’m travel aboard. Though I can still play with my iPhone and listening to music, they can only make transportation more bearable that it is. I still find transportation is waste of time especially there is jam on the road. Also, I don’t enjoy time on crowded street with people who are noisy because they talk too loud for things that I’m not interested and smelly either from their bodies or their cigarettes. I’m not too worry about the safety on the street, just find crowded place annoying. Window shopping is definitely not for me, just like most men, we shop with targets, and leave upon completion of ‘mission’. Hanging around on the street, or hovering from shop to shop is a torture and waste of time for me. Cos, I get tired, especially carrying bags of stuff either for me or for anyone else as a matter of fact. If I don’t buy stuff, then what is the point going out? Dining is fine, but once is done, I like to go home.

Some people may say that, well, you can see people on the street, especially beautiful girls. How about that? Would that make me wanna go out? Well, I think that’s simply a wishful thinking. First of all, I’ve to state that I do enjoy people-watching ‘occasionally’, but not as a main purpose of going out. In fact, I don’t find that there are that many good looking on the street for me to look at. The population of ugly people actually is way larger than the good looking one. Also, even if I see an eye-candy on the street, then, SO WHAT? What’s next? The answer is “nothing”! I’m not a stalker and I’ve no intention to meet them, make friends with them or else. Also, I’m married and considered myself settled down. So, not only there will be no ‘follow-up action’, I’m not even interested in any ‘follow-up thought’! So, this is just not a reason to entice me to hang out.

In addition, I’m not rich and with ample of material desire, I’m more or less happy with what I’ve. If I don’t NEED certain thing, I won’t’ go to buy it, so I’ve no reason to go out to check out what’s out there in the market. More important thing is that internet is so convenient, I’m not just talking about e-purchasing, simply about research of reports of products, and you can’t beat the Net. That’s certainly help people like us who shop in missions to prepare and focus, time has been saved in ‘field research’. I’m not sure if there are a lot of people who think and behave my way. Nevertheless, I’m comfortable for the way I am in this matter and don’t see any compelling reason to change or whatsoever!


中產管數男 said...

you are really telling my story too, I am also homey, just out for specific reasons, haha

Joel said...

Just an coincidence, I guess men at our age do have similar thoughts.