Monday, July 13, 2009

Latest domestic Suffering

I've not updated my blog as frequent as before as I'm facing some real life challenges at home. My wife and I just hired a new housemaid and I'm taking few days off to deal with this person. She is basically a woman from a village from her native country. Language barrier is higher than I expected. There is only so much body language that I can do. Cos, some concepts wording are harder to do with hands. On her second day on the job, I spent 5 minutes to explain to her the word 'have' and 'haven't', with an orange on the dinning table. You can imagine how hard it is!

She is a bit older than my wife but looks at least 5 if not 10 years older than my wife. Anyway, what matter is her IQ. That's what matter. I think she is a slow learner and she takes time which is a luxury that we don't have much. When she and my sons are at home. I felt like I need to take care of two kids. I think the life in last 2 days are hardest since my son's birth. That's what my wife has said as well.

Well, after squeezing few minutes to update my blog, time to get back to hell! I hope I won't be staying in this hell for too long. The only thing that give me hope is that my hunch will be right down the road that she will be a relatively reliable domestic servant...

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Joyce said...

I don't know if this makes you feel any better (or worse) but our part-time amah still hasn't learned to use the washer/dryer after almost one year. I have explained and explained. I even showed her the pictures in the instruction manual.

She has put wet sheets into our clean drawers. She has washed red bathing suits with our white bedspread, turning everything pink. She has shrunken clothing. I don't know what to do!