Monday, July 27, 2009

Latest Domestic Suffering 3

After being off from works for 2 weeks for training my new housekeeper, looking back that it has been a complete disaster. What a waste of time. The biggest problem with her is that she can’t speak the languages that I know, she has big memory, and she is dumb! What a killer combination! Yes, we have fault of our own that we didn’t inquire her language skill before she arrived; however, the agent should not pick such raw potato for our selection in the first place.

Therefore, my wife and I went to another agent last week and selected another housekeeper who was interviewed on video chat briefly by us. So, at least we know if she can communication with us. However, come to think of it, our questions may be too simple and perhaps ‘guessable’, so she might have already recite scripts provided by her training school. Anyway, she should arrive in 2 months and such swap would cost me thousands of dollars.

My son was sick for almost a week for fever, then flu and cough. He was mostly recovered on Sat, but turned a bit worse last night for the running nose. Thank God that his fever is gone and the cough is still not serious. However, as he got running nose, he couldn’t drink his milk comfortably. I think our new housekeeper doesn’t know how to cuddle him enough to drink that or feeding him effectively. So, my already-skinny son is getting thinner. Just don’t eat much. That got my wife and I worry. Last night, he couldn’t sleep with an empty enough, woke up 1pm and behavior crazily till 3pm, by then, we were worried that I called my dad to come over to bring him to ER! While he is out on the cab, my son was fine then. After the brief check by the ER doc, we all came back home and went to bed by 4am. My God, what a night and I had to take some caffeine this morning to stay awake.

I hope my new housekeeper will be an ok one and she can arrive ASAP. Cos, we don’t know how long we have to stay in hell……

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