Friday, July 17, 2009

Latest Domestic Suffering 2

After few days of hell at home, I got back to work for few days and my wife is taking her turn at home to be with our new housekeeper from overseas who doesn’t speak any language that we know. We were originally thinking about replacing her, but thinking about the alternative and the specific domestic requirement that we have. It becomes obvious that keeping her is the option. I think my wife and I have reached a consensus that training her would take much longer than we originally thought it would. The worse case is that she is not only having language barrier with us, she is not good in memorizing things. So, yes she takes notes, but God know if her notes are well written or not. She is not good in remember what to do. It really tests my patience some times. Well, what can I say, I made my choice and I’ve to live with it. I think her communication skill with us is worse than our yet to be 2 years old son. What we hope is that she will input in coming months. My target is 6 months. Hopefully, she can show improvement quicker. Also, I hope she can keep her ‘willing-to-work-hard’ attitude and caring of my son. That’s most matter to us.

Since it is the second time with hired a maid, we have experience in managing such domestic worker. Yes, this one is different from the previous one. The current one is dumber and older. Also, we think that she is poorer and more innocent, so we have to manage her a bit different. More demos and guidelines will be needed, and must train her up of routines. Also, we have to stick to routine more, so she can at least build up some habits that fit us. Also, we have to manage her appetite, learning the lesson from previous ‘big-stomach’. I don’t like micro-management, but I can’t help it in this case. If I don’t, she will wreck our place. She lacks many basic concept of modern life, like energy saving, cost saving, fast pace of city life, hygienic requirement of city folks, multi-tasks and concept of work sequences, etc. Just too many things to teach, can’t tell you how exhausting to be with her all day long. Thanks to my dad that he takes my son out for walks twice a day at least during meal preparation, so we can train her one on one. Otherwise, with my kid running around and poking things here and there, I just can’t manage two ‘trouble-makers’ at the same time! Hopefully, good days will be ahead….sooner than expected!......

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