Monday, April 28, 2008

What's Going on?

Since I was in like ten years old, I start reading newspaper. As it is quite natural for a kid to want to explore what is going on in the world beside my day-to-day routine life as a schoolkid. TV was another medium, I would be able to see documentaries and news about other places, and hear comments from those so-called experts/adults about issues. Certainly, in these days, internet helps a lot. Thank God for internet. Now, we can have news and commentary real-time from multi-dimension which is very exciting. Though I get older, my passion to learn what’s going on in the world or in the society in general has not diminished at all. That’s why I still try to squeeze about an hour a day to surf the net to read news that I’m interested in and read blogs from some favor bloggers. Though I don’t know them in person, reading their comments do make me feel connected to their thoughts somehow.

The more I learn what’s going on through different channels and read the comments from different people, the more I appreciate the freedom of speech and the more objective that I can be in terms of viewing issues from various angles. That is really a serious challenge to general traditional journalism and the opinions of some ‘handy’ experts on issues. If not for the media, you would not be able to tell how stupid, naïve and ridiculous of some ‘power’ figures in our society:
You can see how those government officials who have power, but no sense in logic.
You can see how those politicians who can voice to the public but no gut.
You can see how those tycoons who have money, but no moral.
You can see how those celebrities who have looks but no brain.
And thank God to internet, you can see those invisible or weak in the society have no representative in traditional media. That really opens our eyes.

I’m not sure either Confucius or LaoTze has said something like:
If you read but don’t think, it is a waste of time.
If you think but don’t read, you are dangerous.

Today, I think many folks how have access to so much information, but either they don’t read or they don’t filter their incoming information. They can’t tell the difference between voice and noise. They just listen to those speak the loudest and adopt that as the right message. Then, they follow and spread that noise……I think that is really sad and dangerous.

Sharing of message / knowledge via internet is such a wonder these days. Wikipedia is a remarkable tool. Youtube is fun and informational. IM is handy. However, when people use the net to incite destructive acts, the effect could be enormous. I’m not suggesting anything new here. I just think people should stop and take a moment to think before doing or saying anything that can affect others.

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