Friday, April 18, 2008

My Most Favorite and Least Favorite Foods

As Captioned.
Sushi - Toro, Salmon, Eels, Softshell crabs, crabs
Pizza and Breads - any kinds
Pastas and Lasanga - any kinds, but more cheese please
Dairy Products - Parmasen cheese, soft cream cheese, 2% milk, yogurt of any kinds.
Noodles - any kinds, except 'lai fun'
Rice - Jasimine, Thai
Seafoods - fish, shrimps, crabs, shellfishs, octupus, squlids, etc
Veggies - any kinds, particularly carrots, 'sai guo', bean spouts, mushooms or all kinds, tofu, etc.
Meat - beef, pork, lamb, chicken, ducks, hams, all are fine
Ice-creams - love those with nuts and grapes, e.g. Haggen Daz's Rum Raisien. Also, green tea, and berries
Desserts - pies, tarts, cakes, etc. as long as it is not too sweet. Love blueberry cheese cakes, and tiramisu, and apple pies.
Fruits - almost any kinds. Orange, apples, banana, water-melons, 'san joke', any type of berries.
Soups - Clam chowder. All types of Chinese soups.
Beers - Asahi, Kirin, Coronna
Eggs - from chicken and duck
Dim sums - buns and dumplings

Foods that I will not pick if there is alternative:
Noodles - 'lai fun'
Rice - boiled Uncle Ben
Most candies, colorful snacks with perservatives.
Canned veggies

Foods that I don't eat:
Dairy Products - blue cheese, can't stand the taste.
Meat - frogs, rabbit, wild animals of all kinds, chicken or duck feets, and fatty stuffs and internal organs.
Fruits - 'Lau lin'
Veggie - 'smelly tofu'
Anything that is rotten, expired, stink, unhealthy.
Tobacco of any kinds

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