Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sleepwalking in daily life

Recently, I think I'm in a very strange mode that I don't remember I've experienced before in my life. I feel like I'm sleepwalking all day long, doing things without much thinking. Certainly, that doesn't happen at work, thank God!...But when I got home, weeknights and weekend, I just feel that way. Cos, things become so predictable, routine, and sometimes tedious. Well, I can't help it. Cos, it just happens that way. Do I enjoy it? Largely no, the only good thing is that it fit a small part of my character - laziness. Cos, I don't need to think what to do next. However, I would prefer that I can choose some times. If people don't understand what I mean, then you can go to watch Adam Sander's file 'Click'. When Adam Sander got that magic control of his life, one of the function is fast forwarding certain part of his daily routine, in which he runs in auto-mode. Just eat, sleep and shit. It was funny in the movie, but it wasn't in real life. Don't get me wrong that I'm stuck in something horrible, I just wanna let some steam out. I think I will be back to ok. Cos, simply taking a chance to think about how I feel now is already a reflection itself. I think I will be fine. Just need to take some initiatives to organize things better, that's all.

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