Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Business Trip

I'm gonna take my first business trip for my current job next week. It is not the first time that I take this kind of trip. I've done that many times before in my job before my previous job. Certainly, I'm not really excited about this, cos unlike gonna on vacation, you feel pressure to perform, because others have expectations on me, so I need to meet those expectations. Nonetheless, the rundown a typical business trip is pretty routine:
- Prepare everything that's need for the trip, docs, file, contact, etc
- Exchange some local currency as pocket cash
- Packing luggage the night before
- set alarm clock to wake up earlier than normal
- wake up, wash up, get dress and hop out
- check-in at airport, take breakfast or skip it there
- get on the plane with bunch of strangers and read newspaper
- have breakfast for whatever they give you, then take a nap
- get off the plane, pass the customs, then grab a taxi
- get to destination office, shaking hands with strangers, and yadi yada....
- when the day is done, check in at hotel (or before that if time allows)
- have a decent dinner (alone or with strangers if they treat you one)
- get back to hotel, wash up, flip the remote to get a glimp of the TV, then set the alarm again or arrange morning call
- then go to bed
- Tomorrow is just another day - wash up, breakfast, taxi, work , work, work..... then back to hotel....
- By the time that I can check out the hotel and go to airport, I'll happy and relax
- then I grab some sovenior at airport
- get on the plane, have dinner with strangers again
- get off the plane, wait for my luggages, hop on subway, taxi
- get home, wash up and go to bed.

So routine and predictable....if things goes smoothly without delays, etc.

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