Friday, January 18, 2008

Parenting 1

Every parent has his/her own philosophy on how to bring up his/her kid. In the old days, big family has rules. Nowadays, families are getting smaller with few or no brother/sister, and many of them have maids. So, the structure of families is a bit different.

I don’t believe in molding my son to be this or that. I mean, I won’t wish my son to be a doctor, lawyer, getting rich and all that. Rather, I will try to provide as many exposures or opportunities as I can to him, so he can see what fit him and develop himself naturally to become something he wants to be. Though I’m worried about whether that might give him too much freedom that he may turns something good into bad, I think having too much freedom is better than no freedom at all. The key is to discipline, monitor, and manage. It is all about how much time and effort that I want to spend on my kid. I don’t know if my briefs contradict with my wife’s or not, cos we really haven’t begin any serious and details discussion on this subject. However, I’m quite confident and comfortable with my briefs. Hopefully, things will turn out alright in the long run.

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