Monday, March 10, 2014


Not feeling well these days, physically I think I need to start some workout to improve my blood circulation, perhaps, via that certain hormone will be released to make myself feel better. Psychologically, I felt a bit drained, work load honestly is not killing me, but the pressure and uncertainty, and attention/effort demands from all fronts just make me feel exhausted! So, the combination of stress on my body and mind just drive me to a point that I have to something about it…quick!

Well, getting back to the topic that I wanna talk about: Spritz. What is Spritz? Well, you can google or wiki it, so I’m not gonna copy the introduction here. However, I’m actually very very excited about this product!
As an owner of tons of ebooks, I certainly believe that my collection is valuable, many of them are great books that I really wanna read them, but I just can’t find time to do so. Spritz can’t help me in time-management, but once I can squeeze time to read, which I promise myself that I will do. Spritz perhaps will be the ‘Holy Grail’ in catching up my readings. I love reading, but I can’t read as fast as I hope, for a book with meaning, like some self-help books, I would probably read 50 pages in 2 hours. Certainly, for some leisure book or novel, I may read faster, but I don’t want to rush for the sake of finishing a book without really enjoying it. So, if Spritz can help me to achieve both, it would be the best thing happen to me since my purchase of the iPad. I will do a bit more research, testing it out and see how that will go. 

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