Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Start (Preface)

I’m flipping another page of my lifebook. Soon, I’m gonna have another new start. Every time when similar thing happened, each time is different, but the feeling has been similar, i.e. a mix bag of sadness, excitement, relieve, concern, etc., just the proportions varied. 

Even though it is not the first time that it happens, I really do think that this time is gonna be different as I think I’m more committed this time and will have both tangible and intangible preparation for this new start. When I’m looking back and ahead as well, I’m overdue to be serious. I think preparation would build confidence, gather kick in the upward engine of the self-fulfilling prophecy cycle. Every new start in life must be cherish, the older we are, the rare for such occurrence. There are not many chances in life that we can take two and start again. So, when we are offering such opportunity, gotta grab it tightly and never let go. Such thing is so easy to say, nothing new, but it would take experience to really understand the true meaning and value of it, and really do it. I wish myself the best!

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