Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Having been in cinema since watching ‘Gravity’, I somehow found a chance to see ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ the other day. Couldn’t find other movies that I really wanna see and somehow this one fitted my schedule and Ben Stiller is an actor that I like. So, I just went in without much expectation. Well, before I saw this movie, the only thing that I know is that this movie stars Ben Stiller and it is about a person who daydream. Since going to movie is to escape reality for 2 hours and daydreaming has similar effect, so I just go to check it out to see what is it all about.

I think this movie should be seen by adult and kids wouldn’t be able to grasp the spirit of this movie. It is to ‘break out of your own comfort zone, to ‘realize’ your dream somehow’.  It is actually very difficult to do for real, the older we are. I think this movie is a light-hearted comedy that with a meaning. Ben Stiller is doing a good job for starring in this movie which he also directs. Other supporting actors do fit their roles, especially interesting to see Sean Penn to play a low profile character who doesn’t freak out. I especially like the music and the scenery in this movie. Iceland is just beautiful.

Since I went in without much anticipation, so I’m fine with my experience watching this movie. Not great, but a decent one.  

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