Friday, January 24, 2014

Silence majority on social media

I login social media sites everyday. Actually, few times a day. It has become a habit since I start using it few years back. I think the social media site is a great invention. It pulls people who you can rarely meet in person together virtually, to let each other communicate through direct message or simply viewing each other’s post. Since it is very convenient with words, pics and video, its blossom is by no mean accidental. However, as a long time user with many many friends on the site, I can’t help but notice that many of my friends or acquaintances do not really post much. Well, I don’t know their reasons, but as I also behave that way, I surely know why I don’t post much or frequent as some active posters!

Checking other’s posting would seem to be a way to be informed as well as relax.  Reading others let myself stay anonymous, but posting something would mean that others would read it. Do I’ve something to say to many others often? I guess not.  I do send messages to some people, but that’s when I’ve something specific that I want to say to someone special for a purpose. On the other hand, just telling everybody the same message is a bit pointless unless I feel that there is a compelling reason to do so. Most of the time for my hectic and boring life, there rarely happens. 

Some people like to share their thoughts and experience with many people. That’s understandable, but I’m just not that kind of person. I don’t really see the point of telling other people all the time what restaurant I’m in, what dishes I’m eating and where I’m is worth anything. What exactly is the point? For some very special events either it is good or bad, like wedding, someone passed away, meeting the Pope, or witness a crime, or something like that, I do see that’s worth posting. Otherwise, many posts are quite frankly pointless. I won’t criticize what others are doing, they have the freedom and right to do so. I just don’t share that and follow myself.  Perhaps I may change in future, but at least that’s what I believe now. 

Furthermore, with the technology that I understand these days, whatever you said on the net is permanent recorded. That’s why we should be very careful of what we said. Express our own emotion is acceptable. I can say ‘Fxxk’ as many times as I want if I got really really frustrated. But, I wouldn’t say ‘Fxxk XXXXX! Go to hell!’ either in my blog or on social media. Cuz, a record is a record, you will never know when it may some days coming back to haunt you, to make you to explain something that most likely you’ve already forgot. For middle aged folk like me, I don’t think I’m going anywhere. The impact may be less, but for young people who suppose to have a bright future, could be the president of who know what, these kind of careless posting  in the past may surely be dug up by the media and be used as tool to against you. So, the bottom line is, don’t mine your own bombs!  Cuz, you may lose your job, your relationship, or God knows what because of stupid things that you posted in the past.

Just be careful.

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