Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Updates from my homefront for 1H of Aug 2011

Just haven't update the blog as often as before, it doesn't mean that I've abandoned this platform for sharing and keeping my thoughts with readers. It is just the fact of life for urban dwellers to struggle time and attention among all types of communication channels. For me, besides Blogger and Facebook, I've started to use Google+ and Weibo lately. I've not been an active user of the latter, but hey, those take time as well.

On the home front, my wife is gonna end her maternity leave this week. Once she goes back to work, it will be different at home front, 'stormy weather' is expected given the past history. What I can is that I just need to up my EQ to deal with it.....

A part-time helper is gonna come few days a week to help out with our housework. My current housemaid is just got her hands full with an infant and a toddler. The home environment is deteriorating, i.e. it is getting messy and dirty. We hope this new pair of hands would help to do some cleaning besides her core tasks of meals preparation. With a new helper, new set of arrangement/logistics are needed, such as give her money for grocery shopping and paying her for her works. As we wanna keep our housemaid's hands off on these items and the part-time helper will work in our working hours, we just need to manage them somehow. Also, I expect my wife will have 'comments' on her performance, expenses, the tastes of meals, etc. Hopefully, things will work out after some initial hiccups.

I've just ordered an very expensive 'toy' for my son - a digital piano that cost me like....2 new iPhones! My wife said she would pay for it. Surely, I'm fine with it, given that she is paying well now. Money is an issue, but the bigger issue to struggle with the limited space at home to fit it. I hope my observation is right that my son does indeed love music and has enough skill to handle it. I don't and won't force him to be a master of it. Since I'm a music lover who don't know how to play any instrument, I still welcome my son to have the chance to learn something that his old man didn't. Hopefully, he will love it and stick to it somehow. Cuz, it is a relatively long term commitment. Even though it is a thought that if he doesn't like it, his younger brother may like it. Still, I still would like my older son to be able to enjoy music at home and hopefully music will become an useful tool for him as a leisure, an escape, a sanctuary, or a way to express himself given that he does have his own 'character' from my observation. The next step is to hire the music tutor to give him private lessons - $$$ again!

In the last few months, with the birth of our young son, money just drained everywhere. Just take a reflection of what large items that cost $$$:
- Wife's doctor visits and delivery at hospital
- Healthy foods and dietary supplements for my wife
- Baby powder/diapers
- New AC
- New kitchen hood
- New bedroom cabinet and bookcase
- Digital Piano
- Home security cameras

Still, my wife and I are still tempted to update to iPhone 5 in next few months and iPad 3 next year! Come to think of it, the rational/logical side of my mind must be saying: what we are thinking? Given the deteriorating economic environment, i.e. inflation on all fronts - foods, transport, energy, RENT! We should try to save more and improve our investments rather than still thinking about expending more. Well, I don't have an answer to that. Maybe, we just want to live more comfortably, maybe it is because 2012 is coming! Who knows? Anyway, I think I'm a prudent consumer who doesn't make too many impulsive purchases before. I think things would be fine....